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Monroe Harding

Intake Coordinator

Monroe Harding


Job Summary

Monroe Harding is committed to viewing and interacting with youth from a Trauma Informed perspective.   Staff understand normal and trauma impacted brain development and interact with youth in ways that encourage and restore normal brain functioning.  Staff are curious about “what happened to the youth to cause current behavior” and work with them uniquely based upon their developmental level.  Focus is on providing a safe and stable environment that encourages learning from mistakes and celebrating small advances in behavior or thought process.  Staff models healthy emotional regulation skills, flexibility in working with others, and effective restoration of relationships after issues arise. 

The Intake Coordinator (IC) will engage youth/young adult clients of Monroe Harding (MH) in an assessment process.  They will facilitate exploration of each young person’s unique history, strengths, needs, skills, achievements, goals, and aspirations.  The IC will establish helping relationships based on rapport and respect, utilize motivational interviewing skills, and administer formal assessments to guide clients through a process of self-discovery and personal future planning.  The IC will introduce new clients to Monroe Harding (MH).  They will begin the process of defining roles, managing expectations, establishing boundaries, and creating connections with incoming clients and will continue that process with existing clients.  The IC will serve as a liaison between service recipients—whether new or long-term– and the organization.  They will help service recipients navigate the array of programs available through MH and its network of community partners, connecting young people to those services that can best promote achievement of their individual goals.  The IC will develop financial support strategies, accessing funds from sources such as SNAP E&T, VOCA, EFC, etc., to ensure that MH service recipients have the resources necessary to achieve their educational and vocational aspirations.  The IC may manage a small caseload, but the IC will hand-off primary case management responsibility to members of MH’s direct service team.  The IC will continue to provide high-level oversight of clients’ cases.  The IC’s ongoing role includes monitoring clients’ progress toward their goals, assessing their degree of satisfaction with services, participating in the establishment and on-going development of clients’ individualized educational and employment plans, conducting follow-along or continuum programming with aftercare clients who are preparing to discharge from MH, etc.

Job Responsibilities

  • Engage clients in a self-exploration process, which may include both formal and informal assessments.
  • Guide clients to the MH and community partner programs/services best suited to help them achieve their individual goals.
  • Coordinate access to funding sources to provide support to service recipients and pre-screen them for funding eligibility.  
  • Enter client information into external databases to establish eligibility for, ensure access to, and facilitate the provision of supportive services.
  • Assist clients in the process of enrolling in agency programs through the Apricot 360 database and/or Connect Portal. 
  • Act as liaison between service recipients and the organization’s staff members.
  • Empower service recipients to exercise voice and choice.
  • Help clients build rapport within MH, work collaboratively with their support teams, and make progress toward achieving their life goals. 
  • Assist MH program staff persons and multi-disciplinary team members in developing, monitoring, and revising individual treatment, service, and/or educational plans for youth/young adults.
  • Strive to ensure that MH service recipients receive high-quality, consistent, individualized, trauma and resiliency informed care within a continuum of supportive services.


Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences or related field.  One to two years of experience in working with older teens and/or young adults. 


  • Relationship Building
  • Motivating Others
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Ability to Build Rapport
  • Data Entry
  • Interview Skills
  • Ability to See Big Picture
  • Perseverance

Additional Information


Health Insurance

Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance

Life Insurance

Long Term Disability

Option to enroll in Short-term Disability, Accident, and Critical Illness Insurance


Generous Paid Time Off Package

Professional Development Opportunities 

Awesome, Supportive, Team-Oriented Workplace!

How to Apply

Applicants must pass thorough background check and drug screen.  Must have valid Tennessee driver’s license. 

Additionally, The Diana Screen® is administered to all potential applicants to help ensure that ethical boundaries between children and adults are maintained. At Monroe Harding, the safety and protection of the youth who have been entrusted to us is our #1 priority.

Think you are interested in joining our team?  Please submit a resume and cover letter to Evelyn Tidman at Please list the position for which you are applying in the cover letter.

Monroe Harding is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


  • Date Posted: January 28, 2021
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Programs and Service Delivery
  • Service Area: Social / Human Services
  • Working Hours: Monday - Friday