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FreeStore Coordinator



Job Summary

We are looking for a passionate team member interested in serving the community. Must love coordinating with resources across the city, volunteer engagement, and building relationships.

Job Responsibilities

  1. FreeStore Operations 
    1. Manage all aspects of ENP community relations related to the FreeStore
    2. Refine the organizational structure for members of the FreeStore, including an articulated vision, and a method for obtaining their voice and participation in decision-making
    3. Develop relationships with community service organizations that could provide for the needs of FreeStore members (e.g., shelter, clothing, transportation, and medical care)
    4. Develop relationships with in-kind donors, individual, retail, and other businesses
    5. Develop and implement retail management practices (e.g., inventory, display, space planning)
    6. Conduct pre-FreeStore prep each Friday before shopping days (purchase food, ensure supplies are stocked, shelves stocked, etc.)
    7. Conduct volunteer training as needed 
  2. ENP administration
    1. Support fundraising with grant writing to support the FreeStoee
    2. In conjunction with the Executive Director (ED) and ENP Board of Directors (BOD), continue the fulfillment of the strategic plan and establish outcome measurements for the FreeStore
    3. Report at regularly scheduled ENP meetings 
  3. Community Garden
    1. Oversee the maintenance of the community garden
    2. Work to ensure all instructors are secured for the program and interact with students in a respectful, engaging manner
    3. Provide oversight to the students enrolled in the program
    4. Assist with the purchasing of supplies identified by the students
    5. Create a plan in conjunction with the students to maintain and steward the community garden for the long-term sustainability of a produce source for the FreeStore
  4. Internship Program
    1. Provide management and oversight to the eight interns working in the FreeStore over the summer
    2. Ensure they have accountability for the individual resource drives they will oversee
    3. Guide them in fulfilling their objectives for the summer, which includes inventory management, scheduling resource drives, and accepting/distributing donations


The ideal candidate will demonstrate the following professional qualifications:

  1. A strong passion and commitment to working with adults experiencing poverty and to addressing the systemic issues leading to poverty
  2. Education/work experience with community organizations with a proven track record of effective advocacy, program development, and management.
  3. Experience managing and developing volunteer assistants
  4. Ability to cultivate relationships with various people, including FreeStore Members, neighborhood homeowners, volunteers, community groups, and other ENP partners.
  5. Retail experience is a plus.
  6. This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. The employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the neighbors and organization.

Additional Information


Flexible scheduling

Hybrid work environment

How to Apply

Please send a thoughtful cover letter and resume to allison@edgehillpartnership.org


  • Date Posted: October 4, 2023
  • Type: Part-Time
  • Job Function: Administrative
  • Service Area: Social / Human Services
  • Start Date: 10/21/2023
  • Salary Range: $21-$26/hr
  • Working Hours: Flexible, must be available Fridays and Saturdays