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High Hopes Development Center

Executive Director

High Hopes Development Center


Job Summary

High Hopes seeks a leader to both maintain the current level of success, and to work strategically to grow the mission of High Hopes.

Current non-profit executives at organizations of similar or larger scale would be desirable candidates. Similarly, educators, administration professionals, health care professionals or business leaders from other industries with the right combination of skills and experience would be welcome applicants.

High Hopes desires to choose from a diverse slate of candidates. Given High Hopes non-profit status, depth of experience in capital campaigns and fund development would be a strong plus.

Candidates should demonstrate the ability to provide confident direction during times of uncertainty as was experienced during the pandemic; and, positively lead change during a period of growth. She/he should have the poise and executive presence to represent the organization to an ever-growing group of internal and external stakeholders.

She/he must be both strategic and tactical, with strong self-awareness and communication skills and a penchant for over-delivering. Exerting influence in a collaborative, inclusive fashion is essential, as is the ability and willingness to personally immerse oneself in the details of the core functions of the day-to- day operation. Candidates must be proactive, detail oriented, fact-based and service oriented in their approach to work. Candidates with the aptitude and ambition to substantially grow the business well outside the “four walls” would be desirable, but later career candidates who could mentor and groom a successor would also be strongly considered.

Job Responsibilities

Business Acumen:

    • Translates understanding of local knowledge and community landscape into strategies and tactics which sustain operations, drive growth, improve efficiency and effectiveness
    • Appreciates and understands how to operate a business
    • Identifies key impacts and implications of financial events and conceptualizes and articulates both challenges and solutions; toggles quickly between the larger picture and relevant details
    • Expertise navigating in highly regulated, risk-based, environments
    • Involvement in Board communication and guidance Executing for Results:
    • Embraces and effectively leads change, driving issues to closure
    • Demonstrates decisiveness and makes rapid course corrections when business conditions change
    • Attentive to detail; translates data into better business decisions
    • Views ideas critically and objectively and makes tough business decisions based on the facts Building Relationships and Using Influence:
    • Builds and sustains excellent relationships at multiple levels internally and externally, including staff, parents, donors and government and community operatives and leaders
    • Communicates passion, energy, intensity and excitement
    • Builds trust by attentively listening to others and delivering on commitments, demonstrating transparency in sharing information and willingness to have difficult conversations
    • Readily connects with others with a diplomatic and collaborative style
    • Builds effective coalitions to move an agenda forward; proactively solicits the view of others before making key decisions
    • Demonstrates persuasiveness and the ability to influence win-win outcomes
    • Compels others towards him/her; builds “followership” among colleagues and staff Leading Teams:
    • Sets an example of the highest personal standards of commitment and performance and holds people accountable for agreed upon results
    • Actively works on development of direct reports; provides opportunities for cross training; highlights achievements of staff; communicates clearly on expectations and timelines
    • Attracts new talent by embracing, supporting, and promoting a culture that values diversity, relationships and excellence in all things, especially customer service
    • Actively encourages and supports
    • Demonstrates a history of leading and mentoring high performing, collegial, diverse teams to achieve success

Enhancing Strategy:

    • Envisions market potential and opportunities for growth, and positions the business to capitalize upon them
    • Combines careful financial analysis, experienced-based judgment and intuition/ creativity to develop well documented, fact-based, and actionable plans
    • Supports and encourages Directors to develop practical strategies to grow their areas


      • Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Management, Business, or related field required
      • Master’s Degree desired
      • 5-7 years of non-profit experience in an operational environment strongly desired
      • 5-7 years management or supervisory experience
      • Satisfactory results of a background check and any other requirements as may be dictated by the State of Tennessee.

Additional Information


Medical Insurance Choices
• Blue Cross Blue Shield‐Network S (Select)
• Blue Cross Blue Shield‐Network P (Preferred)
• Blue Cross Blue Shield‐Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP) with HSA
High Hopes contributes $315 per month toward the employee’s premiums for plans S and P.
High Hopes contributes $130 per month toward the employee’s premiums for CDHP AND $25 in the employee’s HSA account. Go to for more information and to see if your provider participates.
Vision and Dental Insurance are offered with High Hopes contributing $15 a month toward employee’s dental premiums.
Supplemental Insurance is available for all employees through AFLAC and Colonial Life.
401K – High Hopes offers a 401k plan for all employee’s at least 21 years of age. High Hopes does not contribute to or match employee’s contributions. A booklet of options is available at time of hire. Employee’s may contribute:
• Before-Tax
• After-Tax Roth
• Catch-up contributions (for over age 50)
Holidays – The Executive Director is paid for all days the center is closed (typically 15-16 days per year)
Vacation – The Executive Director is eligible for up to 20 paid vacation days for a calendar year

How to Apply

Prospective candidates are encouraged to apply by sending a letter of interest and resume to Alex Geraughty, for consideration by the Search Committee.


  • Date Posted: January 13, 2022
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Accounting / Financial Management
  • Service Area: Children / Youth