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CASA of Dickson County

Executive Director

CASA of Dickson County


Job Summary

The Executive Director is ultimately responsible for the overall management of CASA of Dickson County.  This primarily involves the supervision and coordination of mission of CASA of Dickson County in the recruitment, training, and supervision of CASA Volunteers to provide quality advocacy to abused children in Juvenile Court.  Key responsibilities include but are not restricted to: 1) Resource development and maintenance, 2) Agency and program planning, 3) Community and public relations, 4) Personnel management, 5) Agency liaison to the Board of Directors, and 6) Fiscal management

Job Responsibilities


  1. Conduct staff meetings to determine and discuss any problems or plans involving volunteers (recruitment, training, screening and supervision), court staff, personnel or agency operations. 
  2. Stay informed of all relevant activities of the agency.
  3. Ensure all necessary forms are filed with the appropriate agency for all necessary permits, memberships, licenses, etc.
  4. Prepare monthly and/or quarterly program reports
  5. Keep Juvenile Court and all community stakeholders apprised of agency directives and activities.
  6. Oversee agency and program compliance with established policies and procedures



  1. Develop, implement, and maintain tracking systems and/or for both volunteer and caseload files.
  2. Develop and initiate time-oriented strategic plans to establish agency goals
  3. Review program/agency progress and compare to goals and objectives.
  4. Assure agency compliance with National and State CASA standards.
  5. Attend and work with National and State CASA programs through conferences and meetings.


Resource Development and Maintenance

  1. Research and prepare grant proposals and other funding applications
  2. Develop and maintain a donor base for both monetary and non-monetary resources
  3. Develop and maintain a donor tracking system
  4. Work with Board in any fund-raising events or activities


Community and Public Relations

  1. Coordinate public relations with the purpose of recruiting volunteers and increasing public awareness of CASA of Dickson County and the agency’s mission, goals and activities.
  2. Develop and maintain relationships with all appropriate groups, agencies, and organizations, and any and all other child advocacy agencies and community service organizations.
  3. Oversee release of press packets and news releases, and follow-up of any media coverage.
  4. Approve all written public relations material printed by the agency.
  5. Be available for public speaking engagements.


Personnel Management- In the future once staff is hired

  1. Hire and supervise administrative and management staff.
  2. Write and revise, as necessary, the job descriptions for all staff within the agency.
  3. Prepare yearly performance evaluations (oral and written) for all CASA staff.
  4. Staff development.


Board of Directors Liaison

  1. Attend all Board meetings.
  2. Oversee implementation of all Board directives, policies, and procedures.
  3. Serve as liaison between Board and program staff when hired.
  4. Keep Board apprised of program operations, changes, and problems.
  5. Monitor Board/Committee activities and attend Committee meetings.
  6. Assist in Board development. 
  7. Administer an orientation and training program for the Board. 


Fiscal Management

  1. Has administrative responsibility for public accountability of the agency, maintenance of the facilities and regular reporting to various bodies.
  2. Manage day-to-day fiscal operations.  Submit financial reports to the board as required.
  3. Submit monthly and quarterly financial and program reports to grantors (as required).
  4. Review and approve all monthly and quarterly reports and documentation to substantiate those reports.
  5. Assist in developing agency annual budget.


Volunteer Supervision

  1. Recruits, screens, trains and supervises volunteers and staff.
  2. Provides and/or oversees volunteer training
  3. Provides technical assistance, guidance, support, and information to volunteers.
  4. Through coordination with the CASA volunteer, ensures individual case preparation for the representation of the best interest of assigned children in court proceedings.
  5. Completes written annual evaluations for all CASA volunteers s/he supervises.
  6. Resolves casework or interpersonal problems with CASA volunteers s/he supervises.
  7. Enters required information in COMET to track volunteers and their casework.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, or related area with requisite experience in administering an organization or division involved in human social services.  Candidates will demonstrate strong skills in fiscal management, resource development and maintenance, agency and program planning, and public relations.
  2. The ability to communicate with, supervise and empower volunteers to be effective in their roles.  Experience with volunteers preferred.
  3. The ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with all people in the child welfare system, i.e., judicial staff, service providers, Dept. of Children’s Services, foster parents, and anyone else who may participate in a CASA appointment.
  4. Knowledge and understanding of issues and dynamics within families in crisis relating to child abuse and neglect – experience working with such families preferred.
  5. An attitude of respect, non-judgmental and empathetic behavior toward clients, being sensitive to values and beliefs of different cultures.
  6. Computer skills in Word, Excel, Access and database management.
  7. Good communication skills, both written and verbal, i.e., the ability to write effective court reports, present information in meetings and court, and public speaking about CASA.
  8. Schedule flexibility to be available for nights, weekends, as necessary for training and volunteer/case needs.
  9. Reliable transportation, with valid TN Driver’s license, and insurance.
  10. Ability to maintain confidentiality with children, families, staff and personal issues.
  11. Commitment to CASA’s goals and mission.

Additional Information


Paid vacation and hoildays

How to Apply

Please email resumes to


  • Date Posted: February 19, 2021
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Administrative
  • Service Area: Children / Youth
  • Salary Range: 35,000-38,000
  • Working Hours: 40 hrs/wk