St. George's Episcopal Church

Director of Outreach

St. George's Episcopal Church


Job Summary

This staff position seeks to increase parishioner leadership and involvement in the missional activities of the church.

Job Responsibilities

  • Maintains a full understanding of all outreach ministries and activities.
  • Identifies and invites parishioners into leadership roles of outreach ministries.
  • Serves on the Outreach Committee and its subcommittees in an ex officio capacity.
  • Works with clergy and vestry to develop and execute a strategy for missional funding and activities, ensuring a deliberate approach to outreach efforts.
  • Plans and coordinates promotion of outreach activities, ensuring that parishioners are aware of opportunities to engage in outreach ministries.
  • Ensures execution of outreach activities by recruiting and assisting leaders of outreach activities.
  • With the help of clergy, hosts an annual retreat for outreach leaders, providing an opportunity for the leaders to come together to learn about the ministries of the church and to help develop and maintain a focused approach to outreach.


  • Christian commitment: Demonstrated commitment to the deepening of their Christian faith, as well as the mission, vision and values of St. George’s.
  • Spiritual and Emotional Maturity: Shows strong personal depth and spiritual grounding.  Is emotionally mature and can maintain a non-anxious presence.  Is not overly dependent on outside affirmation and has a healthy appreciation of self without being egotistical.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Excellent people skills.  Adept at managing a wide range of relationships and networks.  The candidate should be someone who gets energy from engaging in an extroverted role and enjoys working on a team, committed to the success of all areas of congregational life.
  • Connector: A connector who is good at aligning people and resources to leadership and opportunities.  An inspirational and aspirational leader who is the catalyst for engagement.
  • Good Organizational Skills and Attention to Detail: Consistently attends to the many small pieces which must be assembled into an organized whole. Resolves unanswered questions needed to address a problem and keeps the larger picture in mind while tending to the smallest of details.
  • Technical Expertise: Acquires and demonstrates the technical skills required to proficiently execute the essential functions of the job.  This includes the ability to utilize Realm Software.
  • Project Management Experience: Demonstrates experience leading others in planning and executing events and programs.

Additional Information


Parttime position does not warrant benefits other than standard vacation time.

How to Apply

Please send resume to Laura Zabaski at,


  • Date Posted: October 11, 2021
  • Type: Part-Time
  • Job Function: Administrative
  • Service Area: Religious
  • Start Date: 11/01/2021
  • Salary Range: $25,000 to $30,000
  • Working Hours: 20 hrs/wk; some weekends