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Southern Word, Inc.

Community Relations Coordinator

Southern Word, Inc.


Job Summary

The Community Relations Coordinator is a part-time administrative position responsible for fostering the internal and external relationships that make up the Southern Word community. This community includes youth, parents, program partners, funders, schools, teachers, administrators, mentors, staff, donors, and advocates. In partnership with the staff team, the coordinator will develop and execute a strategy that builds connection to and understanding of Southern Word’s purpose and activities. Successful execution of this position will lead to increased youth and family engagement in program activities, increased understanding of Southern Word’s program and impact, deeper relationships and presence with program partners and staff, increased investment in the organization and programs by supporters, and additional opportunities for engagement and support among Southern Word’s staff and mentors. Anticipate 5 to 15 hours a week of work with seasonal fluctuations. Coordinator must be available on evenings and weekends when necessary to deliver on responsibilities.   

Job Responsibilities

  1. Develop and support communications with youth and families engaged with or potentially engaged with Southern Word’s programs.
  2. Cultivate relationships with new and existing program partners to increase program efficacy and program growth.  
  3. Develop strategic partnerships with government entities, businesses, and other non-profit organizations to realize shared visions and expand access and support for programs to serve more youth.   
  4. Develop and execute engagement activities for Southern Word staff and mentors.
  5. Execute and support activities that generate donor engagement and introduce the work to new contributors.
  6. Support and implement administrative systems and tools used to track and analyze relationship building.
  7. Support development and distribution of marketing tools used to inform partners about Southern Word’s program and activities.
  8. Participate in fundraising goals and events by facilitating and leading activities in partnership with staff, board, and volunteers.
  9. Effectively represent Southern Word’s work and values to community in one-on-one, small group, and large presentation settings.
  10. Attend weekly staff meetings.
  11. Participate as part of the team building and executing the overall Southern Word strategy.
  12. Execute additional responsibilities as necessary for success of the team.


Bachelor’s degree preferred. Two or more years experience in a professional setting with demonstrated success implementing new projects. Ability to self-direct and thrive in unstructured settings by prioritizing activities with maximum impact. Ability to develop creative solutions that lead to practical and measurable impact and success. Aptitude for developing and maintaining effective relationships with a variety of partners in diverse settings. Strong communication skills with the ability to develop messages that resonate with target audience. Effective planning and project execution skills, including the ability to manage unexpected change. Ability to maintain and use database systems to track and analyze efficacy of work. Ability to implement and work with essential computer applications and tools. Strong organizational skills. Previous experience work with Middle Tennessee programs and communities preferred.

Additional Information



How to Apply

E-mail cover letter and resume to info@southernword.org

e-mail: info@southernword.org

website:  www.southernword.org



  • Date Posted: January 4, 2021
  • Type: Part-Time
  • Job Function: Administrative
  • Service Area: Arts / Culture
  • Start Date: 02/15/2021
  • Salary Range: $16 - $20/hr
  • Working Hours: 5 to 15 hour/wk (seasonal)