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There With Care of Middle Tennessee

Community Operations Manager

There With Care of Middle Tennessee


Job Summary

About Us

Founded in Colorado in 2005, There With Care’s mission is to provide a wide range of meaningful and fundamental services for families and children during the critical phase of a medical crisis. We serve families referred by hospital social workers and build support around them through a community of individuals, volunteers, services and businesses, who ease their burden of life’s day-to-day obligations with compassion and care. Our current service locations are Colorado and the Bay Area of California. In 2021 There With Care is launching its services in the Middle Tennessee Region, based out of Nashville.


The Role

The Community Operations Manager is responsible for the Middle Tennessee Community Space located in Nashville, Tennessee. This role is instrumental in our launch of services in this region. This role manages the overall facility, program inventory, and program delivery logistics.  This role also will help build out the community engagement by training and managing interested volunteers to fulfill Program needs. The Community Operations Manager interacts with a variety of community members including volunteers, donors, board members and families.

Job Responsibilities

A Typical Day Might Include

  • Shopping for Inventory Items and stocking pantry shelves.
  • Packing up a delivery for families staying at the hospital.
  • Dealing with a broken office heating system.
  • Brainstorming with other staff or community members on a creative solution to receive a unique in-kind donation opportunity. 
  • Auditing and managing the program inventory, using the Salesforce database.
  • Training and overseeing a new volunteer to support the daily work.
  • Reconciling Credit Card Receipts and invoices .
  • Welcoming a community member to the office space.


Qualities That Might May You Successful In This Role

  • You Want to be Part of Something Bigger. Our mission inspires you. The idea of helping families and engaging a new community to participate through your skills motivates you.
  • You are a Leader. You are comfortable in a leadership role. You recognize the accomplishments of our volunteers and staff and you showing appreciation to all. You are able to adapt to the needs and motivations of different groups in support of the common goal/mission. You learn all aspects of each staff and volunteers job, not only to be better able to delegate and oversee, but because at some point you may need to jump in and cover it.
  • You are a master of your own Time Management.  You are comfortable juggling multiple projects and multiple people and are masterful at prioritizing, and re-prioritizing when necessary.
  • See the Solutions. Good at solving problems with compassion and care. You are willing to find a solution, adapt, then execute. And when you don’t have the answers, you aren’t hesitant to ask and learn.
  • Details matter. You have a sincere desire to understand the details of every aspect of the organization and are not afraid to ask for clarity when needed. You have impeccable attention to detail and put care into all you do.
  • Fiscal Management Comes Naturally to You. You have skills and experience to manage to a budget and consider fiscal impact in all decisions.
  • Collaboration Inspires You. Working as a team, brainstorming and problem-solving together motivates you. You view feedback not as criticism, but as a way to have a better, stronger outcome. You naturally see ways to engage people and see the importance of building community.
  • You are a Pioneer. You are motivated to successfully launch There With Care in Middle Tennessee. You can follow guidelines but get creative about solutions to situations we may not have anticipated.  
  • You Prefer Moving to Sitting. While dealing with the movement of inventory, at times this job requires physical stamina and strength.
  • Bonus Talents. Not required, but experience in inventory management work and/or Salesforce is an asset. Experience working with volunteers, or as a volunteer, is also helpful.



What is most important to us in this role is someone who is energized by the idea of sharing his/her skills to launch There With Care’s programs on the ground in Middle Tennessee. Having Facilities, Inventory and/or Volunteer Management experience is helpful to hit this job running.

Additional Information


Compensation and Benefits

  • Medical Benefits
  • Vacation, Sick Leave and Paid Holidays
  • 401(k) plan

How to Apply

How to Apply

Please submit your resume and along with the answers to the following questions to:

  1. What draws you to There With Care’s mission? How would you connect further to that through this role? 
  2. Are there any qualities in particular that you possess that you think make you a good fit for this role?
  3. Describe the values of an organization you have worked with previously. How did (or didn’t) these values resonate with you?
  4. Share a brief example of a problem you’ve encountered that you had to solve where you didn’t know the solution and it was out of the area of your expertise.​​​​​​You can submit your answers in writing, a slideshow, or a personal video. We’re excited to learn more about you.

This position requires a Criminal Background Check. We reserve the right to make employment contingent upon successful completion of a Criminal Background Check. There With Care is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


  • Date Posted: February 4, 2021
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Programs and Service Delivery
  • Service Area: Social / Human Services
  • Start Date: 03/15/2021
  • Salary Range: $45,000-$52,000 Depending on experience