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The Heimerdinger Foundation

Client Manager

The Heimerdinger Foundation


Job Summary

Founded in 2013, the Meals 4 Health and Healing program of The Heimerdinger Foundation provides nutrient-dense meals and nutrition education, free of charge, for people facing cancer. The meals are prepared by volunteer teens and adults who learn about growing, cooking, and eating healthy whole foods and the connection between diet and health. Reporting to the Executive Director, the Client Manager is responsible for managing the intake and relationship with all clients of the Meals 4 Health and Healing Program to ensure that we fulfill our mission of providing nutrient-dense meals to people who are facing cancer and achieve organizational goals. The Client Manager ensures that all clients are treated with care and respect, is compassionate, and is responsible for the initial interface with clients and for ensuring that clients enter and complete the program in a way that supports their healing and education. He/she must be in alignment with our mission, vision, and core beliefs: caring community, nourishment, leadership, and transformation.


The Client Manager is responsible for maintaining accurate, up-to-date, and confidential information about program clients; for meeting program area metrics; and preparing accurate monthly and annual reports on program results.


He/she also works with volunteer Delivery Angels to ensure weekly meal delivery to clients’ homes. Establishing rapport and connection with area clinics and wellness organizations for referrals is also a critical component of the job.


This person must be professional and have good relationship boundaries, excellent listening skills, experience managing client relationships and volunteers, and the ability to handle a dynamic and detail-oriented environment. He/she must be comfortable working with people from all walks of life who are coping with serious illness and be able to remain professional and neutral concerning a client’s illness and treatment choices.


Job Responsibilities

  • Retrieve and respond to all messages from new potential clients within 2-3 business days of a part-time scheduled work week.
  • Conduct telephone interviews and intake with all potential new clients to determine qualifications for M4HH Program. If client qualifies, create agreement about length of service and expectations.
  • Consistently apply Meals 4 Health and Healing criteria for accepting new clients based on organization policies.
  • Assign new clients to volunteer Delivery Angels in a timely manner.
  • Ensure all clients complete the meals at a time that is appropriate for their situation and that meets Meals 4 Health and Healing goals and criteria.
  • Maintain accurate and current client data to support all aspects of the M4HH Program.
  • Ensure that all clients understand the cost of service and are, if appropriate, supported in understanding how they can support M4HH, and make certain that all clients transition to a payment basis when appropriate for them.


  • A commitment to Meals 4 Health and Healing Mission and Core Beliefs
  • Background in holistic, integrative healing a plus
  • Counseling or social work experience a plus
  • Excellent people skills, including the ability to listen, communicate clearly, and set clear boundaries
  • Must be comfortable working with people from all walks of life with serious illness and with a volunteer team
  • Ability and desire to be in a work environment that values working as a team, positive relationships, and giving and receiving honest, respectful feedback
  • Have excellent self awareness and positive communication skills that contribute to productive team work and support
  • Exceptional organizational and management skills
  • An undergraduate degree in a related field
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a heart-centered team
  • Detail-oriented and highly accurate


Additional Information


Non-Exempt; Part-time – 30 hours/week

1 week paid time away; opportunity for remote work

All employment decisions at The Heimerdinger Foundation are made without regard to age, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, marital & veteran status, or any other status protected by laws or regulations.

How to Apply

Please send a cover letter of interest and resume to

Further salary information is available on request. Please contact Katharine Ray at


  • Date Posted: October 18, 2021
  • Type: Part-Time
  • Job Function: Programs and Service Delivery
  • Service Area: Health (Physical, Mental)
  • Start Date: 11/08/2021
  • Working Hours: 30 hrs/wk, approximately