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Blue Monarch

Child Life Specialist

Blue Monarch


Job Summary

As Blue Monarch’s Child Life Specialist, you will design and implement pediatric programs, therapies, and activities to help the children we serve adjust to various changes and transitions as they recover from abuse and addiction alongside their mothers. You will also provide direct support to the Director of Parenting and Children Services by suggesting adult education and interventions for mothers to improve their family bonds and relationships. We are offering an opportunity to join a small, but focused team that is dedicated to serving women and children who are seeking a healthier lifestyle, free from abuse and addiction.

This role has 5 primary functions:

  1. Providing psychosocial and emotional support to the children we serve
  2. Conducting assessments for our children and providing referrals as needed
  3. Assisting in the reunification of women with their children
  4. Sharing knowledge with staff to work as a team  
  5. Supporting the Director of Parenting and Children Services

This position works very closely with the program staff. The program staff is small but works as an effective team with constant communication and group decision-making.

The hours for this position are primarily Monday through Friday, hours ranging from 9 to 5 and 10 to 6, in order to adequately provide the services needed. The hours are established to assist with parenting issues after children come home from school. Occasional weekend duty may be required.

Job Responsibilities

  • Recognize strengths and weaknesses in children
  • Foster trust and encourage children
  • Assess and evaluate children to determine their therapeutic needs
  • Make therapeutic referrals for children when necessary
  • Lead therapeutic play and creative arts activities for children
  • Teach effective coping skills to children
  • Model and teach therapeutic play and creative arts activities for mothers to engage with their children
  • Lead children’s group sessions
  • Promote healthy eating for children
  • Implement appropriate emotional outlets for children to help improve emotional regulation
  • Identify mechanisms to improve communication between children and mothers
  • Participate in equine activities for children
  • Develop therapy treatment plans for children
  • Support the Director of Parenting and Children Services
  • Communicate children’s needs and action plans with mothers and staff
  • Assist in the reunification of women with their children
  • Provide therapeutic training for residents and staff
  • Attend all mandatory Blue Monarch events


  • Possesses a Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of three years experience working with children
  • Currently certified in Tennessee as a Child Life Specialist
  • Is passionate about working with a Christ-centered, Christian non-profit
  • Possesses excellent communication skills, specifically the ability to communicate with children of various ages
  • Shares and demonstrates Blue Monarch’s core values and integrity
  • Has compassion for the population Blue Monarch serves
  • Is knowledgeable about addiction and its effect on children
  • Is knowledgeable about the population Blue Monarch serves and has experience working with same population
  • Is knowledgeable of various therapeutic methods and recognizes the best approach for each child’s individual needs
  • Is self-motivated
  • Is an effective problem solver
  • Is patient, fun, and energetic

Additional Information


Compensation for this position includes an annual salary, paid time off in accordance with our employee policy, and a monthly supplemental stipend for insurance. 

How to Apply

To apply email the following to Susan Binkley, Founder and President, at susan@bluemonarch.org.  

          1.  Cover letter

          2.  Statement of faith

          3.  Resume


  • Date Posted: March 24, 2021
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Clinician
  • Service Area: Children / Youth
  • Start Date: 03/24/2021
  • Salary Range: 48,000
  • Working Hours: primarily Monday - Friday with hours ranging from 9 to 5 and 10 to 6