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Abintra Montessori School


Abintra Montessori School


Job Summary



The mission of Abintra Montessori School is to assist in the development of the individual child and adolescent by providing a quality education based on Montessori principles and philosophy. Abintra develops confident, self-motivated learners who creatively meet the challenges of life.​ The school serves children and adolescents ages 3 years to 14 years in beautiful, developmentally responsive classrooms situated on 10 wooded and environmentally stewarded acres.


Founded in 1981, Abintra Montessori School is located in Nashville, TN and rooted in the Montessori philosophy of respect for the development and potential of the whole child. Its Montessori environments provide a child-centered curriculum and experience where teachers and families strive together in support of a passionate, equitable, and just learning community.




This job description is an overview of responsibilities, with representative activities or examples of work provided. Duties and tasks to effectively carry out the job description evolve from work plans developed by the employee.


Reports to: Executive Director


Relationship: The Executive Director serves the school by developing procedures, programs, and methods for implementing the policies developed by the Board of Trustees. The Business Manager, in turn, answers to the Executive Director for the implementation of the procedures for which he/she is responsible in the office. The Business Manager is expected to exercise mature judgment and professional integrity in meeting his/her responsibilities toward children, parents, faculty members, Board members, and school administration.


Major Responsibility: The Business Manager is employed by the Executive Director to manage the financial affairs of the school and to protect its financial stability.


Key Functions: The Business Manager will embrace the culture and philosophies of Abintra while effectively carrying out the key functions of the role that include: Establishes and Maintains Proper Accounting Procedures; Manages and Assists in Preparation of Budget; Manages Facility Upkeep and Expenditures; Assures Compliance with All Regulatory Agencies and Insurance Companies; Produces Financial Reports; Assures Collection of Funds; Maintains Personnel Records and Accompanying Database(s); Maintains Fundraising Records and Accompanying Database(s); Provides Support for Board of Trustees and Upkeep of Board Records; Engages in and Tracks Professional Development/Credentialing.

Job Responsibilities

Representative Activities:


  • Establishes and Maintains Proper Accounting Procedures
    • Structure chart of accounts to reflect financial realities of the school and provide cost accounting.
    • Maintain books and ledgers to reflect chart of accounts.
    • Manage bookkeeping: accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll.
    • Establish proper purchasing routines and procedures.
    • Ensure proper deposit of all funds received by the school.
    • Ensure maintenance of bank accounts appropriate for separation and use of school funds.
    • Prepare and keep proper payroll records.
    • Promptly and accurately pay personnel.
    • Manage billing and answer billing and budget questions.


  • Manages and Assists in Preparation of Budget
    • Manage the Board-approved budget.
    • Authorize expenditures within Board-approved budget, with Executive Director co-authorization for large expenditures.
    • Provide reporting, analysis and projection in planning for development of annual budget.
    • Coordinate preparation for and execution of all financial reports, tax forms and other financial requirements for compliance.
    • Be knowledgeable of current regional and local salary standards for employees.


  • Manages Facility Upkeep and Expenditures
    • Monitor physical facility needs. Plan for upkeep, maintenance, improvement and development of facility.
    • Annually update 5-year facility maintenance plan to reflect current needs.
    • Utilize budgeting process to facilitate appropriate maintenance and development.
    • Insure maintenance of facilities and equipment.
    • Expand and develop facilities to accommodate programs effectively.
    • Select appropriate vendors; negotiate and manage contracts.


  • Assures Compliance with All Regulatory Agencies and Insurance Companies
    • Deposit all income tax, social security, and retirement funds promptly to avoid penalties.
    • Prepare accurate documents for reporting to American Montessori Society, State Department of Education, Cognia, county government, state government, federal government, and IRS.
    • Manage and ensure coverage of all school insurance policies.


  • Designs and Produces Financial Reports
    • Design and produce timely periodic reports of all financial activities for Executive Director, Board, and bank.
    • Keep all staff members informed of the status of their respective accounts.
    • Prepare projections of costs for budgeting and long-range planning.


  • Assures Collection of Funds
    • Following school policies, ensure the timely collection of funds owed to the school, using penalties when and where appropriate.
    • Utilize collections attorney when necessary to collect delinquent funds.


  • Maintains Personnel Records and Accompanying Database(s)
    • Collect, process, and file personnel information.
    • Record receipt of personnel forms and records in database. Contact those missing information.
    • Distribute information to those whom authority is given to release.


  • Maintains Fundraising Records and Accompanying Database(s)
    • Collect, process, and file fundraising information.
    • Record receipt of fundraising forms and records on database. Bill appropriately.
    • Distribute information to those whom authority is given to release.


  • Provides Administrative Upkeep of Board Records
    • Maintain and upload files of Board Minutes and pertinent documents to Board team.
    • Maintain Board policies manual.
    • Maintain annual Board Operating manual.
    • Administrative upkeep of Board records.


  • Professional Development and Training
    • Maintain and update credentials in keeping with any necessary regulatory or licensing bodies.
    • Engage in professional growth and development necessary to understand and support the Montessori environment.


  • Performs Other Duties as Assigned





  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience working in a role with key functions of this position.
  • Ability to manage the operations of an organization with a $2-million annual budget. This will include:
    • Financial and cost accounting using accounting software
    • Understanding of payroll and benefits
    • Management of charitable contributions, acknowledgement and reporting
  • A solutions-focused, problem solver with excellent interpersonal and communication (written and oral) skills.
  • Exemplary project management and budgetary skills
  • Participates as a full member of the Abintra team, adhering to and exemplifying our core values.



  • Knowledge of and experience working in nonprofit business models.
  • Excellent supervision and contractor management skills.
  • Previous experience in an educational institution; understanding of Montessori.



Additional Information



The salary range is commensurate with experience and qualifications.  The FLSA status is full time and exempt. Additionally, Abintra offers a competitive benefits package that includes health, dental, vision, disability insurance and retirement planning options. Tuition benefit exists for students in the lower and upper school programs.

How to Apply


To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter expanding on your interest and qualifications as well as salary expectations to by Friday, November 4, 2022Phone calls will not be accepted.




  • Date Posted: October 12, 2022
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Accounting / Financial Management
  • Service Area: Education