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Eighteenth Avenue Family Enrichment Center (EAFEC)

Business Manager

Eighteenth Avenue Family Enrichment Center (EAFEC)


Job Summary

Organization: Eighteenth Avenue Family Enrichment Center (EAFEC)

Job title: Business Development Manager/Business Manager

Reports to: Executive Director

Collaborates with: Assistant Director/Instructional Coach/Event Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

Supervises: N/A

FLSA Status: Exempt

Position Objective: The Business Development Manager (BDM) is responsible for the organization’s financial management.  The BDM has the ability to develop and implement marketing strategies based on current trends and is capable of evaluating financial aspects of a strategy. The BDM works in conjunction with the Executive Director and the Flipcause Success Team to coordinate campaigns, achieve financial goals and has deep knowledge of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management.

Essential Functions: The following are indicative of the essential functions required to perform this job successfully. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. This profile is not intended to be all inclusive of tasks and responsibilities required; it provides a description of the critical responsibilities associated with this position.

General Functions:

  • Oversees all financial office functions including payroll, accounts payable and receivable, tuition billing, payment, and purchasing.
  • Maintains positive relationships with regulatory agencies to ensure legal and financial compliance.
  • Develops a business development strategy focused on financial gain.
  • Arranges business development meetings with prospective clients.
  • Develops a growth strategy focused both on financial gain and customer satisfaction.
  • Conducts research to identify new markets and customer needs.
  • Promotes the company’s products/services addressing or predicting clients’ objectives.
  • Prepares sales contracts ensuring adherence to law-established rules and guidelines.
  • Keeps records of all of the organization’s financial ongoing activities.
  • Builds long-term relationships with new and existing customers and partners.
  •  Manages budget planning and review.
  • Collaborates with Event Coordinator to develop effective marketing campaigns.
  • Collaborates with Assistant Director, Instructional Coach, and Event Coordinator to monitor organizational expenses.
  • Meet yearly fundraising goals.
  • Any additional duties/responsibilities that may be assigned by the Executive Director.

Job Responsibilities

Educational support: 

  • Owns all aspects of the organization’s financials and adapts to all educational needs.
  • Provides trustworthy feedback and development support.
  • Coaches administrative staff to facilitate continuous financial development.

Stakeholder Communications

  • Collaborates with the Executive Director, EHS representatives, UWGN team, and other EAFEC affiliates to maintain positive relationships and ensure financial compliance.
  • Communicates with EAFEC stakeholders the organization’s financial story to secure ongoing funding.
  • Determines, secures, and manages all grants to promote the organization’s success.
  • Meets, plans, and collaborates with administrators in order to identify gaps in the organization’s financial goals and achieve desired results.
  • Supports Executive Director with board engagement.
  • Engages with staff on an ongoing basis to promote effective communication and positive culture.

Client Engagement

  • Builds and cultivates business partnerships to meet the organization’s financial goals
  • Supports staff with communicating the EAFEC story to support the organization’s marketing campaigns.

Professional Development

  • Attends and utilizes methodologies from multiple professional development opportunities a year in order to stay abreast of current trends and be a subject matter expert on early childhood and adult education, business, and marketing.
  • Explores and identifies marketing practices, techniques, and advancements to ensure financial success.
  • Leads in the best way to support understanding of finance.


  • Mission Driven: Focuses on needs and aspirations of the community by telling the “EAFEC Story” to help others understand the importance of early childhood education and community development.
  • Relationship Management: Builds relationships internally and externally with all teachers, community members, and organizational stakeholders in efforts to grow and sustain enthusiasm of EAFEC’s work; demonstrates credibility in all interactions; and demonstrates the ability to effectively build a network of contacts by understanding what motivates individuals and organizations
  • Effective Communication: Ability to effectively communicate through oral, written, and technological means; actively listening, collaborating, and expressing oneself clearly, to ensure those that need specific information acquire it; plan and deliver communication that makes an impact and persuades the audience; gives positive and encouraging recognition to those that have contributed;
  • Outcome Motivated: Creates and maintains high performance standards that capitalize on opportunities to develop relationships that drive results
  • Ability to Multitask: Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously; requires knowledge of time management, setting priorities, and managing project plans;
  • Problem Solving/Critical Thinking: Differentiates between when supervisory input is needed and when it is not; identifies opportunities and develops plans to execute; Identifies problems, gathers facts and appropriate resources to resolve issues;
  • Initiative and Creativity: Plans work and carries out tasks without detailed instructions; makes constructive suggestions; prepares for problems or opportunities in advance; undertakes additional responsibilities; responds to situations as they arise with minimal supervision

Environmental Conditions and Physical Demands:

  • The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 10 pounds. The employee is required to stand, walk, climb, bend, and balance.
  • The employee spends a majority of time seated; working at a desk in front of a computer monitor. Manual dexterity sufficient to reach/handle items and work with the fingers.
  • Some driving of vehicle for stakeholder meetings
  • Well-lighted, heated, and/or air-conditioned indoor office setting with adequate ventilation.



  • BS/BA in business administration, sales, or relevant field
  • Proven experience in fundraising and revenue development
  • Master’s Degree preferred.

All applicants are encouraged to apply and present their qualifications (degrees and years of applicable experience) for review.


  • Proven success as a business development manager, sales executive, or a relevant role
  • Proven sales track record
  • Experience in customer support is a plus
  • Proficiency in MS Office and CRM software
  • Market knowledge
  • Communication and negotiation skills
  • Ability to build rapport
  • Time management and planning skills

Helpful Knowledge:

  • Early Childhood Curriculum (From birth to grade 3)
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and Environments (ACEs)
  • Early childhood education state and local regulations, including DHS quality rating scale
  • Early and Head Start guidelines

Helpful Skills:

  • Brain development knowledge
  • Relationship building
  • Analyzing, understanding, interpreting, and applying research
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office products, especially Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Adult education best practices.

Additional Information


PTO/Paid Holiday

How to Apply

Click here to complete the application form and email your resume and cover letter to with the subject line: Business Manager.


  • Date Posted: July 16, 2021
  • Type: Part-Time
  • Job Function: Accounting / Financial Management
  • Service Area: Children / Youth
  • Working Hours: Flexible M-F between 7a & 5:30p