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Pinky The Mobile Skin Coach

Board Members

Pinky The Mobile Skin Coach


Job Summary

Hello all. I’m looking for some active board members for my nonprofit organization. We are a nonprofit that gives free skin care and cancer coaching to active cancer patients. I’ve started this journey with little to no help and learning as I go. I need board members that will actually help me put my vision together so I’m not doing it on my own

Job Responsibilities

The job responsibilities are actually something that I need help with because this is my 1st time period I know I would probably need a secretary and secretary and a treasurer.  This is definitely a startup so a board member that would be able to help and assist me getting this apartmenthis up off the ground would be amazing


I definitely need some one that has worked with startups before

Additional Information


The benefits would be helping a start up non profit and also helping cancer patients learn to love the skin they are in, again. This is a service that we will provide To clients that have had issues due to chemo, radiation, and just overall side effects that cancer can and will do to the skin.  There may be other ways that I can benefit you but since I am new, I’m still learning. Just being honest

How to Apply

You can send a resume or apply apply by sending me an email to


  • Date Posted: September 30, 2022
  • Type: Board Member
  • Job Function: Accounting / Financial Management
  • Service Area: Board Leadership
  • Start Date: 11/02/2022