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Assistant Director for Health Care Informatics



Job Summary


TennCare is Tennessee’s managed care Medicaid program that provides health insurance coverage to certain groups of low-income individuals such as pregnant women, children, caretaker relatives of young children, older adults, and adults with physical disabilities.  TennCare provides coverage for approximately 1.4 million Tennesseans and operates with an annual budget of approximately $12 billion.  It is run by the Division of TennCare with oversight and some funding from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).


TennCare’s mission is to improve the lives of Tennesseans by providing high-quality cost-effective care. To fulfill that purpose, we equip each employee for active participation and empower teams to communicate and work collaboratively to improve organizational processes in order to make a difference in the lives our members. Because of the positive impact TennCare has on the lives of the most vulnerable Tennesseans, TennCare employees report that their work provides them with a sense of meaning, purpose, and accomplishment. TennCare leadership understands that employees are our most valuable resource and ensures professional and leadership development are a priority for the agency. 


The Health Care Informatics (HCI) team, part of TennCare’s Fiscal division, has 20 people who provide data and analytics services to multiple business units at TennCare and stakeholders beyond the agency. The TennCare Assistant Director for Health Care Informatics helps lead a team of analysts who extract, analyze, validate, and report health care data for fiscal and administrative reporting, quality improvement, research, and the detection of waste, fraud, and abuse. In collaboration with the HCI Director, the Assistant Director oversees the team’s day-to-date functioning, ensuring customer service excellence and high-quality analytics while coaching and overseeing team members’ professional development. The Assistant Director will also do analytical work, writing SQL queries to extract data, using SAS, R or Python to analyze data and present data through reports or Tableau dashboards. The Assistant Director also helps the HCI Director implement HCI’s strategic goals:

• Making higher-value use of TennCare’s vast data holdings
• Implementing technological and procedural enhancements
• Enhancing the analytic capacity of our team
• Making data more accessible to business units across the agency

Job Responsibilities

•  Day-to-Day Management: Communicating with the HCI Director, HCI managers, and HCI analysts to ensure the smooth management of the day-to-day business of HCI.
o Identifying obstacles and problem solving
o Identifying and implementing procedural improvements
• Customer Service: Communicating regularly with staff and leadership from other TennCare business units to ensure they are receiving high-quality customer service and for specific projects.
o Responding to and solving pressing problems
o Identifying and implementing procedural improvements in how HCI works with other business units
• Team Management: Working with the HCI HR liaison and HCI managers to ensure that time management, performance management, and professional development processes occur following TennCare and State of Tennessee requirements and best practices.
• Mentoring and Coaching: HCI is putting a significant emphasis on the professional development of analysts. The Assistant Director will play a key role in that process by mentoring, coaching, and connecting analysts to strategic opportunities.
• Strategic Transformation Initiatives: HCI is in the early stages of a transformation process to help TennCare make higher-value use of its data holdings. We are automating more reporting, becoming more sophisticated in our analytics, acquiring new analytic systems, and making data available to more business units. The Assistant Director will have an important role in this transformation.
• Data Analytics:  Communicating with users and other stakeholders to clarify and refine requests/questions
o Writing SAS/R/Python programs or SQL queries to extract and manipulate data to answer the specific question at hand
o Performing descriptive, predictive, and inferential statistical analyses
o Developing dashboards and other presentations of results
o Writing reports and giving informal or formal verbal reports of findings
o Providing thorough documentation of projects and processes
o Complying with regulations and mandates for data privacy requirements
o Quality assurance of other analysts’ work



1. Master’s degree from an accredited college or university
2. 5 years of experience in combination of analyst in data science, statistics, quantitative business analysis, or research
3. 2 years of experience as a supervisor or manager in a data science or analytics capacity. Requirements 2 and 3 can overlap—years of supervisory experience in an analytics team can also count as an analyst.
Substitution of Education for Experience: Additional graduate course work may substitute for one year of the required experience.

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  • Date Posted: February 17, 2021
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Job Function: Administrative
  • Service Area: Government