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Program Leader Certificate – Part 3:  Taking Care of Your Teams & Addressing Staff Burnout (In-Person)

(*CNM will continue to follow public health guidance to minimize COVID-19 transmission at in-person events. You will be notified in advance of CNM’s COVID-19 mitigation policies. CNM reserves the right to move in-person workshops to Zoom or an alternate location if public health conditions or other logistical considerations warrant.)


Program Leader Certificate 

7/13, 7/27, & 8/10/2022

Program leaders have an enormous impact on employee retention and engagement. People do not leave a job because of the work; they leave a job because of the management. Program leaders are the translators of the organization’s strategy and implementation and hold various positions including supervisory positions and program management. They play a key role in implementing an organization’s strategy and generating enthusiasm among employees to see the vision and mission in action. Program leaders are the heart and soul of most organizations. This Program Leader Certificate is geared towards those who can play a pivotal role in ensuring that their programs and teams get the support needed to thrive. 

(To complete the Program Leader Certificate, complete the three core workshops plus three elective workshops. You may choose any three additional CNM workshop to fulfill your elective requirement. To sign up, register for Part 1 and you will automatically be enrolled in the three core workshops.)

Part 1: Strategic Connection: Connecting Your Team to the Organization's Vision with John Thalheimer - 7/13/2022
The Program Lead provides the connection between an organization's vision and the employees who carry it out through their day-to-day directions to their team. A big part of being a successful program lead is finding ways to increase employee engagement by helping employees understand the connection between their individual work and the organization’s client base and overall mission. In this interactive workshop, Program Leads will be shown how to interpret organizational vision into actionable steps for their team as well as learn how to create simple strategic initiatives that connect with their employees. 

Learning Objectives:
•    Examine the role of the program lead in connecting the vision to execution
•    Learn how to build a team's strategic plan (Vision, Mission, and Actions)
•    Teach Program Leads how to connect the action to purpose
•    Understanding how important belonging is to organizational success
•    Discover how to best allocate resources
•    Learn how to connect a variety of people to the organization’s mission


Part 2:  Performance Management and Evaluation with John Thalheimer  - 7/27/2022
The driving force behind all organizations is their employees. As leaders our success depends on the performance of our teams. Yet, if we don’t understand the foundational principles of performance management, our organization can sputter and stall out. Coaching is a proactive way to improve your team’s performance while tapping into their accountability and engagement. In this interactive workshop, you will learn the eight foundational drivers of performance and how coaching with confidence will lead to better results. 

Learning Objectives: 
•    Understand the eight foundational levers of performance 
•    Explore how to establish employees’ performance expectations 
•    Learn how to evaluate and manage your team’s performance 
•    Improve coaching skills to guide employees 
•    Discover the joy of performance management done right 


Part 3:  Taking Care of Your Teams / Addressing Staff Burnout with Candace Surface  - 8/10/2022
Leadership comes with daunting, unexpected challenges both personally and professionally, for all of us. Now more so than ever is the need to take better care of our health. Be it mentally, physically, emotionally, it can be hard to know where to begin to care for yourself, much less the needs of others. So many leaders in the sector experience burnout and are seeking better balance for themselves and their teams. Perhaps you have the desire for balance, but don’t know where to begin to equip yourself and your team to be able to not just survive but thrive.  

Learning Objectives: 
•    Understand how to create a culture of self-care 
•    Understand your own story of self-care and taking practical steps in the journey for staff well-being 
•    Being mindful as a way to prevent the burn out that so many in the sector experience 

*Workshop times are Central Standard Time.

August 10th, 2022 from  9:00 AM to  3:30 PM
37 Peabody St., Suite 201
Nashvlle, TN 37210
United States
Phone: 6152590100
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Certificate Course Program Leader Part 3 (PL Core)