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Highly Effective Board Governance (Online Classroom)

Facilitator: Dr. Brad Gray

There is a direct correlation between highly effective board governance and mission achievement: the more effective the board, the greater advancement of the mission. This session frames how boards lead and govern the successful modern-day nonprofit.  The foundational pillars of board health, board duties, board leadership, and board strategic direction, design, and support, and their accompanying best practices in application are the subject of this session. This workshop provides an integrated and practical framework for individual board members and the board to succeed on behalf of the organization’s mission.


Learning Objectives:

  • Construct a framework for healthy board leadership and practice
  • Learn how to utilize healthy board practice for decision making and problem solving at the strategy level
  • Explore the best practices of effective board governance for contextual relevance and organizational responsiveness
  • Learn the fundamentals of nonprofit board duties and the differentiated roles of the board and the operations within the organization.
  • The suggested career path for this course is for the Organizational Leader. Learn more about CNM education career paths. HM reviewed and approved.

Note: This workshop can be used as an elective for all CNM Certificate programs requiring additional electives for completion.

March 23rd, 2022 1:00 PM through  4:00 PM
Zoom - You will receive a link upon registration
United States
Workshop Price
Member $75 / Nonmember $150 $ 150.00
Certificate Details
Certificate Course Highly Effective Board Governance (PL), Highly Effective Board Governance (VPM), Highly Effective Board Governance (Rev Dev), Highly Effective Board Governance (CI)