Community Conversations: Towards a More Belonging Society: A Conversation about Antisemitism

Join us for this Community Conversation centered on Nashville's Jewish population, culture, and current events. 

Meet our panelists:

- Dr. Adam Bronstone: Director of Planning for the Jewish Federation & Jewish Foundation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee

Dr. Bronstone has served in non-profit organizations for over twenty years. He holds a doctorate in political science and has spoken and published on issues relating to American Jewish life, Israel and related topics for many years.

- Deborah Oleshansky: Community Relations Director for the Jewish Foundation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee. 

In her role, Deborah connects the greater Nashville Jewish community with faith based civic, government, and educational entities to promote a just and pluralistic American society. She oversees community antisemitism reporting form and works closely with Nashville's Israeli Shlicha, emissary, to provide programs and education about Israel for the Nashville community. Deborah began her career working in the Department of Justice in Washington, DC, on issues related to domestic violence and child abuse, and she remains deeply committed to working on behalf of children and families.


1. Learn more about how we can work on being a 'belonging' community.

2. To network with others in this space and the community at large to build collaborations for work needed locally.

3.  To hear and learn about what is and what is not antisemitism.

Topics Addressed:  Jewish Culture and Society, Antisemitism, Belonging, Community Impact

Course Level: All

Who should attend:  This is open to everyone involved and interested in learning more about the impact of antisemitism.

November 5th, 2021 9:00 AM through 11:00 AM
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