Board Fundamentals Certificate – Part 4: Incorporating DEI (Online Classroom)

What does it really take to be a nonprofit board member? Join the Board Fundamentals Certificate to develop the knowledge and the skills necessary to be an active member of a nonprofit board.
In this cohort-based series, you’ll spend time getting to know other professionals who are passionate about a cause and ready to serve. Whether you’re already on a board or looking to be matched with a nonprofit, this four-part series will help you network with people from the corporate sector, nonprofit organizations, academia, entrepreneurs, and more.

Certificate Leadership Level: Board Leader (Anyone interested in becoming a Board Member or is a Board Member) 

Part 1:   Board Responsibilities with Brad Gray  
Tuesday, September 7th, 2021 (9 - 11:30 am CT)
In this first session, participants will learn the purpose and leadership responsibilities of the board. Board expert and Global Leadership Certificate Program Director, Brad Gray will discuss why nonprofit boards exist, the nonprofit life cycle stages, and the purpose that the board serves to the nonprofit and the community. This session will be based on the National Nonprofit Standards for Excellence which looks at the legal, ethical, and operational responsibilities of serving on a Board. Participants will better understand the levels of board leadership, the board’s relationship to the nonprofit staff, organizational volunteers, and how it all affects the greater community.
This session will also provide an understanding of the purpose of strategic planning and what the board’s role is in supporting a nonprofit through this process. Learn the key issues surrounding strategic planning for nonprofits and pitfalls to avoid. Participants will be introduced to a strategic planning model and experience key parts of an actual strategic planning process.

Learning Objectives:
•    Define board roles and their responsibilities
•    Understand the difference in roles, and the partnership, between governance and executive leadership 
•    Identify the legal duties of nonprofit board members and what breaches might look like
•    Define best practice of board roles and effective governance

Part 2:   Fundraising on a Board with Michelle Conn  
Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 (9 - 11:30 am CT)

Board Fundamentals: Part 2 will explore how board members can support the nonprofit to ensure it has the resources necessary to provide its programs and services. Explore what it means for a nonprofit to have a diversified fundraising plan, and the importance of board member participation in and support of the plan. The session will address how the board’s role as a fundraiser is intertwined with community outreach and being a successful spokesperson for the agency. 

Learning Objectives: 
•    Understand the importance of board member support in fundraising 
•    Identify ways that board members can participate in cultivating and stewarding donors  
•    Identify ways that board members can participate in securing financial support for the nonprofit 

Part 3:   Understanding Organizational Finances Through A Board Lens with Becky Harrell  
Tuesday, September 21st, 2021 (9 - 11:30 am CT)
Part 3 will provide an understanding of board financial requirements, and address hidden traps that all new board members should be aware of. Lead by Becky Harrell, board expert and member of KraftCPAs, participants will learn specific nonprofit accounting and financial statement reporting requirements. Participants will discuss why it is important to understand financial statements, as well as the consequences of making bad financial decisions as a board member. Through examining case studies and real-life stories, participants will leave more confident in their ability to assess the financial health of an organization.
Learning Objectives:
•    Understand the role of financial oversight
•    Understand the basic elements of financial statements
•    Understand what is important and what to look for on financial statement

Part 4: Incorporating DEI + Board Panelists with Dawn Stone  
Tuesday, September 27th, 2021 (9 - 11:30 am CT)
This final session is focused on Board Governance leadership in practice. Participants will learn more about the local nonprofit sector here in Middle Tennessee. We will discuss how to choose a board you are interested in, and how to move forward with connecting with the organization.
Participants will then learn about new trends in the nonprofit community from current board members. These board members will share their experiences on nonprofit boards, from how they got on the board, to how they are forwarding the nonprofit’s mission. Learn how board members and funders are utilizing strategies in their organizations such as Collective Impact.
This final part of the session involves the application of knowledge and skills acquired in previous sessions by being a part of a mock board meeting. Individuals will be assigned roles and experience the common structure and flow of a board meeting. Participants will leave with a strong foundation in nonprofit board essentials, as well as a strong network of colleagues soon to be onboarded.

Learning Objectives:
•    Identify and leverage the nonprofit trends from funding, governance, and sustainability standpoint
•    Identify and deploy community impact strategies to foster more inclusive and equitable nonprofits
•    Learn alongside a panel of nonprofit experts how to courageously collaborate as a board member and create a sustainable action plan for success within an agency and community

This certificate is part of a 4-part series, in order to complete the certificate you must attend all four sessions. To sign up, register through Part 1, which will automatically enroll you in the four parts. If Part 1 has already passed, you will need to wait until this Board Certificate is offered again.

September 28th, 2021 9:00 AM through 11:30 AM
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Board Governance Certificate ($200 members /$400 non-members) $ 400.00
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