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Negotiating from Strength (Online Classroom)

What is your comfort and confidence level when it comes to negotiating?  Great leaders understand that negotiation skills are an essential part of effecting change- whether that is participating in a community effort, building consensus on a team or running a successful nonprofit. This workshop utilizes the Harvard Negotiation Program’s model of remaining firm on issues that matter while still growing and preserving valuable relationships. Participants will leave this session with increased awareness of their own negotiation style and will be given strategies to fit their own communication style.  Participants will leave with a thorough understanding of the interest-based negotiation model and an increased ability to prepare for negotiations with skill and to address important interests in challenging conversations.

Learning Objectives:
•    Understand the key components of the interest-based negotiation model.
•    Practice negotiating in a safe environment.
•    Gain increased awareness and skill identifying participant’s own negotiation style and the style of others.
•    Find the embodied confidence to address important issues for themselves and their organization that needs to be negotiated.
•    Work with peers to build relationships and get feedback on where to shift their negotiation approach. 

Suggested Career Path: Community Leader (Volunteers, Board Members, leaders within a community)

December 8th, 2021 9:00 AM through  3:00 PM
Workshop Price
Member $100 / Nonmember $200 $ 200.00
Certificate Details
Certificate Course Negotiating from Strength (PL), Negotiating from Strength (CI)