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Emerging Leader Nonprofit Certificate: Part 3 (Online Classroom)

Leadership - that ubiquitous term that populates posters, quotes, mission statements, goals, and personnel searches, but what does it mean and, more importantly, what does it look like in the nonprofit ecosystem?  This course answers that question while revealing leadership styles and how to leverage a collection of them suited to each participant’s strengths for maximum impact. Our cohort consists of current nonprofit leaders engaged in learning from each other and making connections for working partnerships. Our classes provide a mixture of interactive learning opportunities including hearing from nonprofit leaders on a national scale. We dig into the literature of leadership through authors including Kouzes & Posner, Drucker, Crutchfield & Grant, Ramsey, and Collins to stimulate the learning and our discussions. 

Certificate Career Path:  Emerging Leader (Early-career, 0 – 4 years serving in the nonprofit sector)

Part 1: Tuesday, May 25, 2021 9 am - 3:00 pm CT 
What Does Leadership Look Like in the Nonprofit Ecosystem? What Can It Look Like for Me as a Leader? These and other opening questions begin our journey in this course. We will review traditional leadership styles and speak with current nonprofit leaders to better understand the flexibility necessary for leading a nonprofit organization. Participants will begin to build an individual leadership model that leverages their style as a leader and uncovers potential areas to strengthen for greater impact. Pre-course work (a very reasonable amount) is assigned after registration with a reasonable amount of homework assigned throughout the course to maximize learning.
Speakers to include: 

Dr. Devin DeLaughter - Head of School, New Hope Academy 
Doug Martin - Executive Director, Amazima Ministries

Learning Objectives:
1.    Discover how leadership can lead an organization to success or failure
2.    Breakdown the components of various leadership styles
3.    Begin to create your personal leadership style
4.    Unpack the opportunities for collaboration within the cohort and the greater Nashville community to maximize break traditional barriers of partnership and provide actionable steps for intentional inclusion

Part 2:Tuesday, June 8, 2021 9 am - 3:00 pm CT 

As we continue the interactive learning process, participants will demonstrate how their emerging leadership styles would tackle issues and challenges in nonprofit organizations presented through real world case studies. Small group opportunities will form to collaboratively consider what leadership could do when  difficult matters face the industry as a whole, within sectors, and within geographic settings. Similar interactive conversations will lean in to support class members who share matters from their organizations for discussion and learning. Leaders from the nonprofit community will join the class to share their experience as a leader within an organization working through unforeseen challenges, working with the Board of Directors, understanding and creating opportunities for inclusion, and creating opportunities to practice their leadership style in partnership with other organizations. 
Speakers to include:
Trina Frierson - Co-Founder, Mending Hearts, Inc.
Julie Riess, Ph.D. - Executive Director,  Day One Early Learning Community

Learning Objectives:

  • Practice leadership styles working through challenges and issues presented in class.
  • Unpack the importance of leadership throughout all operations within a nonprofit and consider how one style may serve as a barrier even in the everyday work of a leader
  • Design opportunities for impact within the participant’s organization that demonstrates a deep understanding of traditional systemic barriers including opportunities for professional growth, end user inclusion in program evaluation, and diversifying stakeholder composition

Part 3:Tuesday, June 22, 2021 9 am - 3:00 pm CT 

The idea of the practice of leadership will be discussed from leaders in the nonprofit, for profit, and institutional funder worlds during several conversations including a panel and breakout rooms. We will address the complexity of nonprofit work and systemic racism. Finally, we will tackle the issue of  achieving work/life balance as a leader as an imperative to your team’s and the organization’s health. We will call on experts in this field to join our last class to help us all achieve that equilibrium.

Speakers to include: 
Tanya Odom - International DEI Expert 
Katie Richards - Chief Development Officer, Siloam Health
Tom Bagamane - Founder, The Giving Spirit
Candace Clippard - Executive Director - Day 7

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding that our work can unintentionally contribute to stereotypical notions of race and poverty and how we must address it
  • Understanding the role of advocacy in a leadership position
  • Realizing the value of seeking a balance between the personal and professional facets of our lives
  • Creating a design of balance to implement as the course concludes
  • Creating strategies for continued connection with the cohort for future collaboration for greater impact

You can register for all three parts by registering for Part 1. You can visit the electives for this certificate here.

June 22nd, 2021 9:00 AM through  3:00 PM
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Certificate Course Emerging Leaders Certificate (Part 3)