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Self-care as a Priority and a Practice (Online Classroom)

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Our whole self enters every setting and role in our lives. Many of us though have been told or have learned to disconnect from parts of ourselves when we enter a particular setting, such as work or in a particular role, such as parent. Societal injustices and the COVID-19 pandemic have caused or magnified disconnection in many elements of people’s lives. When we are disconnected within, we feel imbalanced. This is what we really mean by “work-life balance” we are seeking to reconnect within so we can most effectively navigate the settings and roles of our lives. This session explores self-care as a priority and practice for connecting within so that we can positively and effectively navigate whatever arises around us.


Learning Objectives:

  • Develop personal self-care definition and intentions
  • Practice the 4 elements of Whole Life Thriving: connection, compassion, connection, and choice
  • Apply the Cycle of Experience in the moment


Leadership Level: Emerging Leader (Early-career, 0 – 4 years serving in the nonprofit sector)

January 27th, 2021 1:00 PM through  3:30 PM
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