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Seeds of Equity (Free, in collaboration with VUMC)

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The one-hour Seeds of Equity training provides an introduction to health equity. Through sharing of data and real life stories of how policies have shaped Nashville, it prompts audiences to consider steps they can take to address health equity on an individual, organizational, and systemic level.

Created by a community collaborative, Seeds of Equity trainers believe that increased awareness about health equity will lead to productive action toward a more equitable society for all.



  • Provide baseline understanding and recognition of what health equity is/means
  • Encourage “Call to Action” using items on the one-pager
  • Prompt a small “seed of” change related to using an equity lens for organizations involved in the training


Intended Outcome:

  • Participants adopt 1-2 “tasks” from the one-pager “Call to Action”


Topics Addressed (listed): Equity within the Nashville Community 

Course Level: Introductory 

Who should attend: Anyone from any level who is interested in learning about how equity plays out within Nashville, TN.

August 18th, 2020 11:00 AM through 12:00 PM
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