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Board Fundamentals: Part 3 (Online Classroom)


** Due to COVID-19, we are transitioning this workshop to an online Live Classroom using Zoom.  You will receive a link to the Zoom session upon registering.

The Board Governance certificate requires you to be able to attend all 4 parts.  You may register for all four courses by going to Board Fundamentals: Part 1 course (Sept. 14th, 2020).  Here are the dates of the other core courses for the Board Governance Certificate:

Board Fundamentals: Part 1 - Sept. 14, 2020

Board Fundamentals: Part 2 - Sept. 21, 2020

Board Fundamentals: Part 3 - Sept. 28, 2020

Board Fundamentals: Part 4  - Oct. 5, 2020


Board Fundamentals: Part 3 will provide an understanding of board financial requirements, and address hidden traps that all new board members should be aware of. Lead by board expert and member of KraftCPAs, Becky Harrell, participants will learn specific nonprofit accounting and financial statement reporting requirements. Participants will discuss why it is important to understand financial statements, as well as the consequences of making bad financial decisions as a board member. Through examining case studies and real-life stories, participants will leave more confident in their ability to assess the financial health of an organization.


Q&A for the Board Fundamentals Certificate

The requirements for each certificate are different. See below for details about the Board Fundamentals Certificate.


How do I sign up for this certificate?

To sign up, register for the Certificate: CNM Board Fundamentals Workshop, which includes part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.


Does signing up here register me for all 4 certificate courses?

Yes. Signing up here automatically enrolls you for the 4 core classes and into the certificate program. There are no additional courses in this certificate.


I see the classes start at 4 pm and end at 7 pm. What if I work until 5 pm. Can I come in late?

No. Please only commit to the four sessions if you are able to attend all courses for the allotted amount of time.


I might have to miss one of the core classes. Can I still complete my certificate?

No. This certificate is only offered once a year. There are no make up courses.


Can I just take one of the core classes? I only want to attend Board Fundamentals Part 1.

No. these courses are only for individuals signed up for the entire 4-course certificate.


September 28th, 2020 4:00 PM through  7:00 PM
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Certificate Course Board Fundamentals: Part 3