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Volunteer Program Management: Part 1 (Spring)

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** Please note, the Volunteer Program Management Certificate requires you to be able to attend all 3 core courses.  For your convenience, when you register for Part 1, it automatically enrolls you into all three core courses for the Spring Cohort.

Here are the dates for the Volunteer Program Management Certificate - Spring cohort:  

Volunteer Program Management: Part 1 (Spring) : 2/21/2020

Volunteer Program Management: Part 2 (Spring) : 2/28/2020

Volunteer Program Management: Part 3 (Spring) : 3/6/2020


Are you feeling overwhelmed or lost with the day-to-day operation of your volunteer program? Have you recently been tasked with building a successful volunteer base for your agency? Running a successful volunteer program requires implementing smart management systems and procedures. This session is the first of a 3-part series exploring Volunteer Program Management. Topics covered in this session include: Volunteer Program design, job descriptions, and volunteer management cycle. Participants are encouraged to bring relevant challenges as we troubleshoot together.


Topics Addressed: volunteer management, decision making, team management, communication, evaluation

Level: Introductory level course.  

Who should attend?

  • Volunteer managers interested in detailed instruction about how to implement a volunteer program.
  • CNM Members working toward a Volunteer Management Certificate.
  • Note: This class is part of a series. You must sign up for all 3 core courses in the same series. Because the participants are in a cohort, individuals may not sign up for just a single course.


Q&A for the Volunteer Program Management Certificate

The requirements for each certificate are different. See below for details about the Volunteer Program Management Certificate.

How do I sign up for this certificate?

To sign up, register for the Certificate: Volunteer Program Management Part 1, which automatically signs you up for the three core classes (part 1, part 2 and part 3). This enrolls you in the certificate; however, the certificate is not completed until you sign up for three additional elective courses.

At this point you will be enrolled in the Volunteer Program Management Certificate; however, it is your choice to finish the certificate and take the other electives. Participants are disenrolled from a certificate if it is not completed within one year of the first certificate class taken.

Can I take my elective courses before I finish my three core courses?

Yes. You can take the electives at anytime. However, we do recommend to begin elective courses after attending at least Volunteer Program Management: Part 1 in order to have a strong foundational understanding.

Can I just take one of the core classes? I only want to attend Volunteer Program Management: Part 1.

No. All core classes must be taken together.


I took one of the courses in the certificate last year. Does it count for the certificate this year?

Courses taken in 2019 may be applied to the certificates. Courses taken before 2019 may not be applied to the certificates.



February 21st, 2020 from  9:00 AM to 12:30 PM
37 Peabody St., Suite 201
Nashvlle, TN 37210
United States
Phone: 6152590100
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Certificate Course 2020 Volunteer Program Management: Part 1 (Spring)