Emerging Leader Certificate

Leadership – that ubiquitous term that populates posters, quotes, mission statements, goals, and personnel searches, but what does it mean and, more importantly, what does it look like in the nonprofit ecosystem?  This course answers that question while revealing leadership styles and how to leverage a collection of them suited to each participant’s strengths for maximum impact. Our cohort consists of current nonprofit leaders engaged in learning from each other and making connections for working partnerships. Our classes provide a mixture of interactive learning opportunities including hearing from nonprofit leaders on a national scale. We dig into the literature of leadership through authors including Kouzes & Posner, Drucker, Crutchfield & Grant, Ramsey, and Collins to stimulate the learning and our discussions. 

Certificate Leadership Level:  Emerging Leader (Early-career, 0 – 4 years serving in the nonprofit sector)

Core Classes

All Required

  • Emerging Leader: Part 1
  • Emerging Leader: Part 2
  • Emerging Leader: Part 3

Elective Classes

Three electives are required for this certificate. Electives include:

  • Self-Care as a Priority and a Practice
  • Fundamentals of Fundraising
  • Implicit Bias Algorithm
  • Foundations of Evaluation
  • Understanding Board and Organizational Relationships
  • Advanced Grant Writing
  • Equity & Inclusion through a Queer Lens
  • Racism and Radicalized Health Disparities