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Nonprofit Leadership Certificate

Are leaders born or made? Research has shown that leadership is a set of practices and skills that can be developed. Here at CNM we have structured our CNM Leadership Certificate around these practices.

The CNM Nonprofit Leadership Certificate incorporates The Leadership Challenge®, an international bestselling book, workshop, and assessment tool that utilizes from over 30 years of research from authors James Kouzes and Barry Posner. From decades of research, Kouzes and Posner found that great leaders are consistently doing the same key actions, summed up in The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®.

The Nonprofit Leadership Certificate is comprised of three core classes and three elective classes. Through an intensive cohort model, the core classes the opportunity for deeper learning and building stronger networks.

Core Classes

All Required

  • Nonprofit Leadership: Part 1
  • Nonprofit Leadership: Part 2
  • Nonprofit Leadership: Part 3

Elective Classes

Choose Three

  • Coaching Skills for Nonprofit Professionals
  • Becoming a Diversity Ambassador
  • Strategic Planning: Part 1  & Part 2
  • Managing a Nonprofit: Roles and Responsibilities of the Chief Executive
  • Highly Effective Board Governance
  • Crucial Conversations in the Workplace
  • Advocacy for Nonprofit Leaders
  • Negotiating from Strength
  • Telling Your Organization’s Story
  • Change Management: Leading Your Organization Through Change