Nonprofits, we know your job isn’t easy. Resources are slim, and you are tackling some of the biggest issues our community faces.

But despite the challenges, nonprofits step in every day to provide services that wouldn’t otherwise exist – creating a stronger community for all.

As nonprofits, you:

Embrace the marginalized.

Defend the vulnerable.

Spotlight the creative.

Speak with the voiceless.

Protect the planet.

Cultivate lifelong learning.

…and so much more. The work of nonprofits is critical in creating a diverse community that raises up its citizens (and animals and environment!). When nonprofits work towards a mission, life is better for everyone. At CNM, we are so proud to support nonprofits. Your accomplishments are nothing short of incredible.

And we think the world should know.

That’s why we are launching #ProudToBeNonprofit, highlighting the role nonprofits play in our community. You should be proud to be a nonprofit; we are certainly proud of you.

Once you join CNM, we encourage you to take a photo of your team with the #ProudToBeNonprofit sign that is part of the 2017 Membership Navigator you’ll receive in the mail, and tell us why you are proud of your 501(c)3 status. Are you proud of your mission? Your clients? Your role in the community? Let us know, and we’ll share your story.