Types of consulting projects

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    Strategic planning: Building a roadmap

A strategic plan is a roadmap for your organization to follow to successfully deliver your mission. Our consultants will guide you through a tailor-made, results-oriented effort.

Strategic planning experts: Meredith Sullivan BentonBrad Gray, Kate Monaghan, Cissy Mynatt, Deb Palmer George, Jim Vaillancourt

Toolbox: Market research

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   Organizational assessment and capacity building

An organizational assessment allows nonprofits to take a step back, look at the big picture and determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Organizational assessment experts: Brad Gray, Kate Monaghan, Cissy Mynatt


    Board development: Build a solid support structure

Board-focused services include identifying gaps, roles and responsibilities, board engagement, recruitment and more.

For CNM-members who have also been recently funded by The Memorial Foundation, click here to learn more about the J.D. Elliott Leadership Development Fund.

Board development experts: Meredith Sullivan BentonBrad Gray, Cissy Mynatt, Jim Vaillancourt

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     Revenue development: Donor relationships

All nonprofits are confronted by the need for effective fundraising strategies. CNM's consultants can assess your current fundraising mechanisms and recommend improvements, make a fundraising plan, serve as support in endowment and capital campaign efforts and help you train your board to "make the ask."

Revenue development experts: Jennifer ChalosMichelle Conn, Audra Davis

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  Outcomes measurement: Determine your impact

Your organization spends countless hours developing a program, but how much time is spent determining impact? We can show you how to measure a program, implement outcome-focused planning, gauge new development and more.

Outcomes measurement expert: Elisa Stevenson

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     Social enterprise: Diversify and build

To enable local nonprofits to create revenue-producing social enterprises, CNM has partnered with CauseImpact to offer a premier consulting package. The goal is to enable each participant to create a launch-ready business plan to take to market.

Social enterprise experts: Sean McGee

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     Marketing and branding: What's your story?

Every time a potential donor, client, volunteer or employee considers your organization, they are evaluating and judging the value of your brand. CNM consultants can show you how to tell your organization's story to increase your impact.

Marketing experts: Kia Jarmon, Stephanie Simkin

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    Human resources: Build your team

The strength of your staff and your ability to work successfully together speaks volumes about your organization. We can help with team communications, conflict management, team and skills assessment, compensation studies and efficiency assessments.

Human resources experts: Paula Farmer, Frank Parsons


     Executive search: Find your best leader

Our consultants can step in to facilitate the executive search process, from reviewing the job description and setting the salary, to placing the ads and screening the applicants, to facilitating the decision-making process and making the offer.

Executive search expert: Frank Parsons


   Financial management: Complicated budget solutions

Financial management can be a challenge for small to mid-size nonprofits looking to provide extraordinary services with limited resources, and large organizations with complicated subgets can be left wondering how to streamline the process.

Financial management experts: Amy Maden, Kim Thomason


  Nonprofit market research: Know what people think

The best way to find out is to ask. Our market research provides you with program design, analysis, interpretation, insight and more.

Nonprofit market research expert: debb Wilcox

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              What do your donors want?


     Facilitation: Stay on track

Sometimes you need an expert third party to keep your meetings, retreats or planning sessions on track. Facilitation serves the needs of any group who are meeting with a common purpose, whether it be making a decision, solving a problem or simply exchanging ideas and information. Whether a few hours, a full day or multi-day session, CNM consultants can help your board or staff start asking the right questions about your organization’s future.

Facilitation experts: Meredith Sullivan Benton, Brad Gray, Kate Monaghan, Cissy Mynatt, Deb Palmer George, Jim Vaillancourt


     Customized training

After assessing your training needs, CNM arranges for a trainer to come to your agency or a location of your choice, to deliver half-day, full-day or multiple-day training sessions. Projects within the J.D. Elliott Leadership Development Fund can also be customized.

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