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For most nonprofits, financial issues can be a frequent challenge. Whether you are trying to maintain the status quo, do more with less or grow your organization, our workshops and consultants can help you get where you want to go.

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Every nonprofit today is confronted by the need to build a sustained fundraising strategy to sustain their work. CNM consultants assist you in your fundraising efforts by assessing your current fundraising mechanisms and making recommendations for improvement, developing a fundraising plan and even training your board members to "make the ask."

Financial Management

Financial planning can be a challenge for small to mid-size nonprofits looking to provide extraordinary services with limited resources and large organizations with complicated budgets can be left wondering how to streamline the process. CNM consultants can help to create a framework for fiscal management, cash flow projections and reporting for outcomes.

Special Projects

Do your financial needs go beyond the basics? Our consultants can help you with special projects to maximize success, manage grants and programs and work with your board.

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Tennessee Foundation Databook 3rd Ed. w/ Software

The DataBook connects you with every Tennessee foundation. It lists all 1,519 Tennessee-based foundations and features comprehensive profiles of the state's largest 319 grantmaking foundations--including the almost 20,000 grants they awarded for the most recent year on record.

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