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2018 Award Descriptions

Frist Foundation Awards of Achievement:

recognizes organizations that have developed innovative ways to carry out their missions, either on a large or small‐scale -- innovations that go beyond the usual concepts of management or service delivery
recognizes agencies that develop new or more effective ways to bring in revenue, and to fund the organization in an uncertain economy
recognizes organizations that most powerfully demonstrate how they've mobilized, trained, coordinated and made the most effective use of volunteers, staff, community allies including other agencies, or other human resources

Kraft CPAs Board Member of the Year Award — Learn more | Apply

recognizes a board member who shows exemplary leadership, commitment, and advocacy in his or her role on a nonprofit board


Bank of America CEO of the Year Award — Learn more | Apply

recognizes the importance of executive leadership in an organization's achievement of mission‐related results


The Healing Trust Catalyst for Change Award — Learn more | Apply

recognizes organizations that demonstrate boldness in expanding access to care, especially for vulnerable populations in Middle Tennessee, through systems change advocacy


The Healing Trust Compassionate Care Award — Learn more | Apply

recognizes a nonprofit where love and compassion characterize not only its delivery of service to those in need, but also in the ways team members care for and support each other


Memorial Foundation Leadership Award — Learn more | Apply

recognizes nonprofits that have risen above substantial fiscal problems through effective turnaround management


Erie Chapman Foundation Servant's Heart Award — Learn more | Apply

recognizes individuals providing care and/or assistance to the clients of a nonprofit agency, on the “first line of caregiving” of the service profession


SunTrust CFO of the Year Award — Learn more | Apply

recognizes the staff person who has made a financial difference to his or her agency either in creatively working through a time of financial difficulty or in taking advantage of a financial opportunity


Piedmont Natural Gas Excellence in Sustainable Practices Award  Learn more | Apply

recognizes the importance of sustainability as a business approach that integrates economic, environmental, and social stewardships within a community


Diversified Trust New Generations Award  Learn more | Apply

recognizes effective utilization of specific projects, programs, activities, or campaigns that engage new clients, volunteers, and donors


Skanska Educational Enhancement Award — Learn more | Apply

recognizes impact and contributions that local nonprofit organizations demonstrate through direct service and interaction within the public school systems in Middle Tennessee area




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Note: Please click "Learn more" to access a PDF version of the application, allowing you to gather your information and answers before beginning the application process. Applications cannot be saved once started, so we recommend gathering the information in advance and then setting aside about 30 minutes to complete the application. If you have any questions or issues, contact Chelsea Hardin at (615) 259-0100 ext. 311 or


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