Introduction to Systemic Racism

April 8-9, 2019 at the Nashville Public Library

$50 per person

Registration Links: April 8th session | April 9th session


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Since 1986, Crossroads Antiracism Organizing & Training (formerly Crossroads Ministry) has been providing organizing, training, and consulting to institutions striving to dismantle racism. This includes analyzing internal policies and procedures that maintain white power and privilege, and helping to create an intervention strategy to dismantle oppressive systems. A key strategy for institutional organizing is creating internal antiracism teams. Through this work Crossroads also strives to create and strengthen structures of accountability to People and Communities of Color and other socially oppressed groups, both within the institution and in the wider community.

CNM is bringing Crossroads to Nashville to host an introductory workshop to explore racism as a systemic, institutional problem of power that goes beyond personal prejudice. This workshop will introduce the idea that oppression (and in particular, racism) is not only a matter of individual prejudice but rather a systemic, institutional problem of power, which requires structural intervention to dismantle. Participants will experience first-hand Crossroads effective methodology for facilitating productive conversations about race. Participants will also be introduced to a strategic methodology that can assist people effectively organize to dismantle racism in their institutions.

Participants will be exposed to a definition of racism that includes an intersectional power analysis of the relationship between a dominant culture and marginalized persons and communities of color. A rationale will be explored for developing a full analysis of racism, including understanding its historic and legal roots, and contemporary functioning.

Participants will be introduced to racism as a systemic and structural problem that:

  • Shapes individual attitudes and actions in ways that pull people into complicity with dominant cultural norms.
  • Impacts institutional norms and the ability of institutions to fully and appropriately serve all constituents.
  • Creates institutional mono-culture that makes it difficult for People of Color, immigrants and refugees to access and receive services in culturally sensitive and appropriate ways.


This workshop will be held at the Nashville Public Library. The same session and content will be offered on April 8 and then again on April 9. Participants should only register for one session.




This event is made possible by the generous contributions from the following partners and sponsors:





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