Nonprofits create better communities -- period. And we believe it is now more important than ever for nonprofits to take our work to the next level. Let's engage in creating social change on a broader scale! That's why we have launched a series of events called Community Initiatives at CNM. 


Past Community Initiatives:



March 2018

With the proposal of a new transit plan and a referendum set for May 1, transportation is a hot button issue in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Businesses, government departments, and community leaders are racing to share their insights before the big vote. But how might the transit plan affect our local nonprofit sector, and those they serve? Join us for a presentation about the issues at stake, an overview of the plan, and an interactive panel with community leaders representing diverse perspectives.

This event will include multiple perspectives and will engage representatives of the corporate sector, affordable housing advocates, and the local immigrant community. Director of Transportation and Sustainability Erin Hafkenschiel of the Mayor’s Office will make a short presentation of the details in the plan, and others involved in the programming include David Plazas of The Tennessean and Garrett Harper of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce. Participants will have plenty of time to ask questions to the panelists.

Light breakfast and coffee will be provided from 8-8:30 am, with content presented from 8:30-10:30 am.



March 2017

Our neighborhoods are changing rapidly, but what action steps can nonprofits take in the face of gentrification?

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Legislative Update:

How Could Your Mission Be Affected &

What Can You Do About It?


March 2017

Which current proposed bills in the state legislature affect the work of nonprofits, and how can nonprofit organizations mobilize around these issues?

CNM, The Healing Trust, and the Sycamore Institute discussed the importance of nonprofit advocacy. Attendees split into groups, each led by a subject matter expert from a local nonprofit, to discuss specific proposed legislation surrounding educationhealthcareimmigration, and youth/childcare. The session concluded with group report-outs and action steps.

Looking for inspiration for taking the first step towards advocacy?



Legislative Update, Part 2:

What Bills Passed,&

What Can Nonprofits Do Next?


June 2017

This spring in part 1 of our Legislative Update, we looked at bills that were up for debate in the state legislature. Since then, the legislative session ended, and over 400 new pieces of legislation were passed. But which bills are especially important for nonprofits, and how can nonprofits stay involved? This follow-up Legislative Update helped answer that question.

The session was conducted in three parts. First, the group examined an overview of the bills that passed in the last session, with a deeper dive into four subjects in particular: 

  • Healthcare - with The Sycamore Institute
  • Immigration - with the Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition
  • Childcare - with the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth
  • Education - with the Tennessee Department of Education

Then in a mid-morning panel, government relations experts shared tips about summer study and executive advocacy. At the end of the session, we welcomed Senator Steve Dickerson and Senator Jeff Yarbro to discuss how nonprofits can best advocate, and the state senators shared personal stories about how they have interacted with nonprofits throughout their political careers.


Advocacy Summit


September 2017

Want to create widespread community change? Interested in strengthening your nonprofit’s base of support? Do you wish you could influence public policy? Attendees of the two-day Advocacy Summit, presented in partnership with The Healing Trust, answered yes to these questions.

Day one of the summit focused on nonprofit professionals who are brand-new to advocacy and those who have some experience.  Sessions included "Advocacy 101," "Changing the System: Why Advocacy?" and a presentation and Q&A on Tennessee's budget by The Sycamore Institute.

For those already engaged in advocacy work and for experienced experts, a self-care session kicked off day two. Other sessions included the panels "Advocacy at the Metro Level" and "In the Room Where It Happens: Lessons from the Trenches."