Volunteer Program Management Certificate

Are you feeling overwhelmed or lost with the day-to-day operation of your volunteer program? Have you recently been tasked with building a successful volunteer base for your agency? Running a successful volunteer program requires implementing smart management systems and procedures. Join us to learn the best practices and common pitfalls for managing volunteers. These cohort-based courses allow individuals to help build strong networks and dive deeper into the curriculum.

See below for the list of core and elective workshops to choose from. For the core courses, there is a Winter Cohort and a Summer Cohort. The Fundraising elective classes are typically offered once a year.


Required: Four core workshops and two electives

Core workshops (cohort style; must be taken in order):

  • Volunteer Program Management: Part 1
  • Volunteer Program Management: Part 2
  • Volunteer Program Management: Part 3
  • Volunteer Program Management: Part 4     

Cost: $300 for members; $500 for non-members. Electives are priced separately.

Registration for the 2019 cohorts is now closed. Check back for cohorts beginning in 2020


Elective workshops (choose two):

  • Program Evaluation
  • Building a Highly Effective Team
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Investing in People: Performance Management and Evaluation
  • Coaching Skills for Nonprofit Leaders
  • Facilitation Skills for Nonprofit Leaders
  • Project Management for Achieving Your Strategic Mission

Please note: Electives must be purchased separately from core classes. 


FAQs for the Volunteer Program Management Certificate

The requirements for each certificate are different. See below for details about the Volunteer Program Management Certificate.


How do I sign up for this certificate?

To sign up, register for the Certificate: CNM Volunteer Program Management Workshop, which includes the four core classes (part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4). This enrolls you in the certificate; however, the certificate is not completed until you sign up for two additional elective courses.


Does signing up here register me for all 6 certificate courses (4 core and 2 elective classes)?

No. Signing up here automatically enrolls you for the 4 core classes and into the certificate program. However, you must select your own two electives from the CNM Workshop Calendar and enroll individually.


Can I just take the Volunteer Program Management core 4 courses, and NOT sign up for the entire certificate (i.e. not finish the other two elective courses)?

At this point you will be enrolled in the Volunteer Program Management Certificate; however, it is your choice to finish the certificate and take the other electives. Participants are disenrolled from a certificate if it is not completed within two years of the first certificate class taken.


Can I take my elective courses before I finish my four core courses?

Yes. You can take the electives at any time. However, we do recommend to begin elective courses after attending at least Volunteer Program Management: Part 1 in order to have a strong foundational understanding.


Can I just take one of the core classes? I only want to attend Volunteer Program Management: Part 1.

No. All core classes must be taken together.


I took one of the courses in the certificate last year. Does it count for the certificate this year?

No. To complete this certificate, all participants can only apply classes in 2019. Please look at our new elective offerings for the 2019 calendar.


Is there any financial assistance available to offset the cost of the certificate?

Members from eligible organizations may apply MatchGrant funds to help offset the cost of the certificate program. MatchGrant funds are available to organizations with a budget of $2 million or less until the collective fund is fully utilized. For more information about MatchGrant eligibility, click here.


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