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CNM Certificates provide the next level of learning for nonprofit professionals looking to amplify their impact. CNM Certificates are strategically crafted workshop series that provide participants with the knowledge and skills need to flourish in the nonprofit sector. Certificates are great for people who are looking to improve their nonprofit skills, build a stronger resume, or who are just life long learners.

CNM has strategically revamped all certificates in 2019 for deeper learning and higher engagement. Using feedback from members and nonprofit professionals, we have developed new curriculum centered around educational best practices, and creating a connected community.


Become certified in a key success area.

It's our mission to amplify the impact of nonprofits and their partners. One of the ways we work to achieve this is through our Certificate Programs. Nonprofit professionals, board members, and community leaders can earn a certificate by completing a specified track of workshops within a program.

Click on the name of a Certificate Program listed below to learn more about each certificate series, or visit our FAQ page for more.



CNM certificates are designed around the key areas necessary for a nonprofit’s success. Click each certificate name below to learn more about that program.

For 2019, our certificate series all include a number of cohort style core workshops that participants are required to take.  Participants must take core courses in order. However, the elective courses can be taken in any order and at any point in the process (including before, during the same time, or after they are participating in the core course). Please note, certificate credits earned prior to 2019 do not count toward a current certificate. 

Cohort style means the same group of participants will attend all core workshops. This allows for deeper learning and stronger networks to form. Please enroll in classes through our workshop calendar.


                                2019 Certificates:

Leadership Development


Volunteer Program Management

Collective Impact

Board Fundamentals






Registration for the 2019 certificate core classes is now closed. Please register for the certificate elective courses through the Workshop Calendar.

If you have questions or need assistance, please email training@cnm.org.