Nonprofit Market Research

It is important to know what people think. Are you impacting their lives and how? What is most valuable to your supporters? Your clients? Your volunteers? Your staff? What is your customer experience?

The best way to find out is to ask. You must ask the right questions, and then the responses must be analyzed to yield tangible results you can use.

Nonprofit market research is a comprehensive evaluation resource offered by the Center for Nonprofit Management that gives you project design, analysis, interpretation and insight.

CNM Director of Market Research debb Wilcox first creates a special personalized “survey tool” designed to get at the specific information you need from your stakeholders.

After collecting the data, debb creates a detailed report and presentation that goes well beyond the numbers. Her multi-dimensional approach includes statistical modeling which ties data together and gives you information not available in any other way. It yields strategies to improve your programs, your marketing and fundraising efforts, and more.

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