CNM Catalysts

CNM catalysts are like business incubators for your nonprofit, using a cohort model to jumpstart your organization into a new subject.


CNM's signature catalyst, the Social Enterprise Catalyst, is now re-launched as the Innovation Catalyst. With this update, we are expanding the meaning of social enterprise to include other spins on earned revenue streams and revenue diversification ventures. Develop a fully implementable business plan throughout the course of this 9-month catalyst process.

Applicants should be prepared to commit to full participation in the Innovation Catalyst through their identified Impact Teams. Each Impact Team is responsible for guiding the process of program review and new venture development. Functionally, the team makes recommendations to the executive director and board. In addition, organizations that are selected to participate in the cohort will collaborate with cross-sector community partners who will be included on the Impact Team.

The Innovation Catalyst is generously sponsored by the following:

  • Frist Foundation
  • Frost Brown Todd
  • HCA Foundation
  • LBMC


Applications for the 2019 Innovation Catalyst are closed.



The Governance Catalyst is an innovative and unique opportunity to enhance the key to organizational success: strong relationships between leaders. Together, pairs of executive directors and board chairs will be chosen from a competitive application process to participate in an intensive, four-part series that is designed to improve communication and problem-solving.
The four-part series begins with three customized workshops, completed alongside the selected cohort participants. The workshop subjects are designed to build on one another for maximum impact. Fieldwork activities will be assigned between sessions.
Following the group cohort experience, each organization will receive eight hours of consulting to integrate these new practices within their respective boards and provide support on organization-specific issues. Depending on your organization’s needs, these services could include a site visit, executive coaching, Governance Toolkits, a board retreat, meeting facilitation, and/or other integration strategies.
This program is designed for pairs of executive directors and board chairs or chairs-elect who want to make the most of their partnership and help their organizations achieve new levels of success in governance and mission delivery. It is important that the executive director and board chair (not to be substituted by another board member) participate in all four parts of the catalyst together.
Successful applicants to this catalyst will be required to contribute $175 per agency, just 10% of the total value for all services included. The remaining costs will be funded by the J.D. Elliott Leadership Development Fund.

Apply for Cohort 7 and Cohort 8 of the Governance Catalyst here. Applications for both cohorts are due April 19.



Cohort 7: June 19, 2019

Cohort 8: August 21, 2019

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Identifying Individual and Collective Strengths to Build Relationships with Leigh Ann Roberts

Through the lens of the strengthsfinder assessment, take a closer look at your own strengths, as well as your leadership partner’s, in order to strengthen trust and communication. Studies have shown that those who focus their strengths every day are “six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs” and they are more likely to be productive individually and in teams (click here to read more) – resulting in better results for your nonprofit.


Cohort 7: July 10, 2019

Cohort 8: September 18, 2019

Best Practices in Action: Analyzing Nonprofit Board Case Studies with Susan Chapman

Use knowledge gained from the strengthsfinder session and application of the core responsibilities of nonprofit boards to analyze nonprofit board case studies. This session will be based on the second edition of Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards by Richard T. Ingram produced by BoardSource.


Cohort 7: July 31, 2019

Cohort 8: October 2, 2019

Putting It All Together: Meeting Your Challenges and Opportunities with Lydia Cox

Each executive director and board chair team will present a specific challenge from their organization and apply lessons from previous sessions, resulting in a proposal to strengthen board governance. Teams will learn from one another and participate in active discussion about real-world issues.


Date TBD: Eight hours of customized consulting services

In the concluding piece of the Governance Catalyst, a consultant will work with your full board of directors and/or executive committee to integrate lessons learned from the workshops and work through a solution for a challenge your board might be encountering. Our consultant will meet with your board during a site visit, making the consulting process more convenient for participants.





Volunteers make a nonprofit’s mission possible. But a great volunteer program truly maximizes the skills of volunteers -- enhancing organizational leadership and increasing overall sustainability. Programs like these fully utilize the service enterprise model.
What is service enterprise?
“A Service Enterprise is an organization that fundamentally leverages volunteers
and their skills across all levels of the organization to successfully deliver on its
social mission.” - Points of Light
How can nonprofits develop the most effective service enterprise model?
To meet the need for volunteer management resources, Hands On Nashville, the Center for Nonprofit Management, and Points of Light partnered to create the Volunteer Catalyst. This
catalyst builds nonprofit capacity and helps organizations address community needs through volunteerism.
The Volunteer Catalyst provides participating organizations with:
  • A thorough research-based assessment of existing organizational volunteer engagement practices called the Service Enterprise Diagnostic
  • 16 hours of training to assist in reimagining volunteer engagement
  • 10 hours of individualized coaching provided by CNM consultants to address unique organizational opportunities and challenges
  • National certification signifying the organization’s proficiency in leveraging the time and skills of volunteers

2019 Volunteer Catalyst Dates:

July 9, 2019

August 6, 2019

September 10, 2019

October 12019


The Collective Impact Catalyst provides custom consulting and education to propel existing collective impact initiatives forward. You have your mission, and your collective impact work is underway. We can help you accelerate progress.

The first cohort of Collective Impact Catalyst teams has been selected. Stay tuned for news of the next catalyst in 2019, or reach out to Director of Collective Impact Meg Morgan ( with any questions.


  • Selected teams will choose up to six leaders to participate in the Collective Impact Catalyst

Time commitment: 

  • Time commitment will depend on the scope of your consulting project -- an estimated 10-15 hours per month, with rolling start dates


  • Up to 100 hours of consulting on customized projects focused on key initiative goals provided by the Center for Nonprofit Management, with strategic support from c3/consulting and HCA Strategic Resource Group
  • Coaching from national FSG Collective Impact Forum and local Director of Collective Impact
  • Virtual learning sessions with national issues-area experts
  • Opportunities to present initiative and highlights to local funders

Click here for more information about collective impact programming in the Collective Impact Accelerator.