Nashville neighborhoods are changing rapidly. So what action steps can nonprofits take in the face of change?

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If you had to miss this session (or if you attended and want to revisit a particularly compelling moment!), the full session is now available on YouTube thanks to Metro Nashville Network.

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Resource Book

The full Resource Book from the event, with hyperlinks, is available here. Feel free to share this information with your staff and/or board.

Click here to access the presentation from the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce.



New Apartments On Jefferson Street Part Of Nashville's Push For 'Workforce Housing,' November 2015, Tony Gonzalez

More Money Entices Record Number Of Affordable Housing Proposals For Nashville's Barnes Fund, January 2017, Tony Gonzalez

With Few Legal Protections, Nashville Mobile Home Park Residents At Risk Of Losing It All, January 2017, Meribah Knight

Two Longtime East Nashville Churches Ask: Is It Time To Leave The Neighborhood? January 2017, Meribah Knight

Facing Displacement, Residents At One Nashville Housing Complex Organized And Fought Back, February 2017, Meribah Knight

In Coveted Nashville Neighborhoods, A Rush To Protect Senior Citizens From Rising Property Taxes, March 2017, Tony Gonzalez


Perspectives from the field: nonprofit case studies


The Cost of Growth and Change in Nashville, by David Plazas and George Walker of The Tennessean


Information from Metro Nashville, shared by Erik Cole (Mayor's Office of Economic Opportunity and Empowerment) and Lonnell Matthews (Mayor's Office of Neighborhoods and Community Engagement)


Resources and information in support of the "Unlocking Systems-level Change through Strategic Collaboration" panel

  • What is collective impact? "Collective impact occurs when organizations from different sectors agree to solve a specific social problem using a common agenda, aligning their efforts, and using common measures of success." -FSG,
  • The Five Conditions of Collective Success, from Collective Impact article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review
  1. ​Common agenda: a shared vision for change and common understanding of the problem
  2. Shared measurement system: consistent collection of data and method of measuring results
  3. Mutually reinforcing activities: each participant undertaking activities at which it excels
  4. Continuous communication: build trust along with a shared vocabulary and understanding
  5. Backbone support organization: serves as coordinating agency and supporting infrastructure

             "The Power of Possibility: Exploring Greater Impact through Strategic Partnerships
 campaign encourages nonprofit leaders to think about going beyond organizational boundaries to do together what you may not be able to do alone. To consider how your efforts could be accelerated and amplified by working together."

             This site includes a Resources page with lots of valuable information regarding collective impact: articles, case studies, toolkits, and more. We highly recommend this site as a resource for nonprofits at any level of collective impact engagement.


Nonprofit board member resources:

  • "TechBridge is a nonprofit that drives community engagement by bringing affordable technology and business expertise to other nonprofits."

more coming soon