Membership Partners in Tennessee

CNM works in collaboration with peer organizations across Tennessee to expand access to skills development for nonprofit professionals while building capacity for nonprofit organizations. Members of Alliance for Better Nonprofits (Knoxville), Momentum Nonprofit Partners (Memphis) and Venture Forward (Chattanooga) can now take advantage of learning opportunities at the member rate, as pre-determined by the partnering organizations.

As partners, CNM, Alliance for Better Nonprofits, Momentum Nonprofit Partners and Venture Forward will collectively empower and amplify the voices of nonprofits in TN, MS and AR by allowing members to take advantage of discounted access to conferences, e-learning materials, and training opportunities such as single-day offerings; multi-day sessions; as well as online learning communities.

We firmly believe that serving the public and social impact sector is done better together.


To redeem the membership partner rate, contact one of our partners listed below:


Alliance for Better Nonprofits
318 N Gay St #203
Knoxville, TN 37917

Tiffani Mensch, Director of Community Engagement
(865) 313-2077
Training Calendar


Momentum Nonprofit Partners
630 South Cooper Street
Memphis, TN 38104

Kate Moss, Operations Manager



Venture Forward
630 Market St
Chattanooga, TN 37402

Laura McCann, Executive Director
(423) 752-0301
Training Calendar


Interested in learning how your organization can become a Membership Partner? Please contact

*Members, please note:
The membership partner rate applies to training, consulting, conferences, and educational materials. Please be advised that programs or services owned or controlled by third-party entities (e.g. Board Source or Standards for Excellence, etc.) may not be covered under the membership partner terms. Members are responsible for travel and accommodation expenses associated with attending.