As a CNM member, your organization has the opportunity to take advantage of special partnerships that we have developed in order to save you money and help streamline your organization's management. Find links below to read more about our CNM Group Purchasing Organization, graduate school opportunities, business partners, and healthcare resources.



By using the power of combined purchasing, you'll pay less for things you use every day. And there are no fees to join.

Create a login and then access the GPO member portal to see how much you could save!

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Graduate school scholarships and discounts

CNM offers scholarships and/or tuition discounts on various graduate-level programs in six Middle Tennessee schools.

Click here to read about our graduate opportunities to further your education -- for less.

Business partners

Connect your organization to special opportunities for employee health benefits, directors and officers insurance, retirement programs, and information technology services through these partners.

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Heathcare resources

Providing health care insurance for employees can be challenging. CNM offers several resources to help you determine the best plan for your organization. 

Click here for more about healthcare insurance.