MatchGrants make nonprofit education even more affordable

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MatchGrant Funds

CNM members with budgets under two million dollars are eligible for MatchGrant funds from the Frist Foundation. At the beginning of each year, eligible member organizations automatically receive funds to use towards workshops. To utilize your MatchGrant funds, please see the guidelines below:


  • MatchGrants are for CNM members with budgets under $2 million dollars.
  • At the beginning of each calendar year, funds are allotted to eligible organizations (not individual participant).
  • The MatchGrant funds are visible in the organization’s account information. If you do not see the funds, contact for assistance.
  • Funds are available on a first-come first-served basis.
  • To apply MatchGrant funds, put a course in your cart and click “Apply Discount” at the bottom of the registration details. This must be done before the order is submitted.



MatchGrant FAQs

What if I don’t see my MatchGrant funds in my online account?

If you have joined as a member and qualify for MatchGrant funds, they should appear on your organizational profile. If you do not see them, it is possible that there are incorrect settings on your account. Please send an email to for assistance.


What if my MatchGrant funds show $0?

This can happen for one of two reasons. One possibility is that your organization does not qualify for MatchGrant funds. Alternatively, your organization may have already used all of the funds allotted. Contact for more details.


Can I use MatchGrant funds on all workshops?

All CNM workshops are eligible for MatchGrant funding. We don’t allow MatchGrant funds to be used on networking events, CNM Intensives like Master Series, or our Lunch & Learn series.


Who in my organization can use MatchGrant funds?

Anyone in your organization can use MatchGrant funds as long as their individual profile is correctly affiliated with your organization. It is up to your organization to decide how to utilize these funds.


If you have any further questions about MatchGrant funds, please contact or (615) 259-0100.