Marketing is more than social media, with Kia Jarmon

September 22, 2017

Marketing is more than social media, with Kia Jarmon

What are your challenges in marketing strategy, and how can you overcome them? In many examples, the answer comes down to planning.

In the recent workshop "Marketing 101: More than Social Media" led by CNM consultant and workshop leader Kia Jarmon, Kia’s chief emphasis is that if there is a challenge with the marketing strategy it can usually be attributed to the plan and not the platform. Kia challenges participants to think of what they currently have and how to leverage those resources, assess what they need to eliminate, and consider tools that they haven’t yet approached.

While this session is expressly titled "Marketing 101: More than Social Media," social media tends to still be an active part of the discussion. But Kia quickly helps the room understand that there are so many basic tools we are overlooking. For example, a tool that everyone has at their disposal is their voicemail. As Kia puts it, "Offline is just as important as online." What is it that you want people to know, and how are you sharing it? Your voicemail should contain more than an apology for you not being available at the moment, but rather a place to share information that could prompt an action besides leaving a message.

It is without question that many of us wear numerous hats, which means we are often pressed for time. Kia reminds us to shift our perspective about how we leverage our time rather than focus on what time we don’t have. The goal is to be intentional about creating monthly thematic content and pre-scheduling it across a variety of platforms. Additionally, she encourages us not to give up on our efforts so quickly. Switching gears so abruptly could be misrepresenting your efforts.

Lastly but equally as important to all of the plans and strategy is developing a rubric for measurement – first establishing a baseline and then measuring against it each month. While the numbers may be produce small, incremental changes, it’s important to add narrative that gives context; a drop in website visits during a normally slow season doesn’t mean anything was done incorrectly but it might provide a baseline goal that is different than other months.

When it comes to marketing, Kia says you must remember: "You are the frontline of your communication efforts."

Interested in learning more from Kia? Keep an eye on CNM's Workshop Calendar for upcoming opportunities and reach out to our consulting department at if you are looking for an in-depth project with Kia.

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