HOT TOPICS: Effective Board Meetings

November 6, 2014

HOT TOPICS: Effective Board Meetings
HOT TOPICS: Effective Board Meetings
We had a great conversation in October’s CEO Conversations session about how to take ownership of the relationship you have with your board. Out of this conversation came a great follow-up question: How do you have an engaging board meeting? Beyond the usual time management suggestions, here are a few things to consider for your next board meeting: 
1. Follow Best Practices for Meeting Process. BoardSource has a great resource guide that answers many common questions about board meeting dos and don’ts. DO we need to use parliamentary procedure? What do we do about absentee members and quorums? What is a proxy and when is it used? The book is available in paperback and as a downloadable PDF file.
2. Create a Strategic Agenda. Take a look at the agenda from your last board meeting. How much time was left open for discussion or ideas about long-term goals for your organization? The National Council of Nonprofits offers an idea to create a more “strategic” agenda: 
“Put anything that doesn’t require discussion on the consent portion of the agenda. This opens up your agenda for deeper discussions on trends, policies, and priorities, and allows board members to sink their teeth into issues where their wisdom can add the most value.”
They also offer a sample strategic agenda and some great tips and ideas. Read the full article here.
3. November’s CEO Conversation will continue this discussion about board meeting effectiveness. One of the top reasons that board members give for ending their service is that they felt underutilized by the organization. Your board is packed with people who are your biggest champions, how are you spending your time with them? And what expectations are you setting through the focus and process of your meetings? These are just a couple of the questions we will be discussing at this session.  I hope you’ll bring your challenges, ideas and thoughts and join us for CEO Conversations on Nov. 19
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