Your program does great work - how can you show it?

March 23, 2017

Your program does great work - how can you show it?

Karen Cramer and Maithri Vangala of TechBridge are leading the breakout session "Transforming Your Technology and Data Management Strategy" at this year's Bridge to Excellence conference. Read more about their approach in the blog below.

from TechBridge:

Karen Cramer and Maithri Vangala will be leading a session at CNM's Bridge to Excellence about how your organization can leverage technology to be more insightful about the impact your work is having in your community.

The program you manage at your organization does great work -- after all, you run it. But it's hard to get this story across to your board and donors. What would be stellar? Having measurable insight on how your organization is improving your community. 

Do those scenarios sound familiar? We thought so -- and they are familiar to us, too. Karen and Maithri came to TechBridge with firsthand experience on how difficult it can be to secure the right technology resources and time to effectively demonstrate an organization's impact.

This session will share real case studies and TechBridge's experience across two decades as a nonprofit technology capacity building organization to provide you with practical, actionable steps to take back to your organization to improve the way your organization uses technology to operate efficiently and to activate your mission-related strategies.

Learn more and register for Bridge to Excellence here.

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