Donor feedback: 50 secrets with Pam Brown and Taylor Cochran

March 7, 2017

Donor feedback: 50 secrets with Pam Brown and Taylor Cochran

Gathering from 25 years of experience working with philanthropists, Pam Brown and Taylor Cochran have the secrets to successful stewardship. Actually, they have 50 secrets.

guest post from Pam and Taylor below:


We interviewed 50 donors, all of whom support three or more Middle Tennessee nonprofits. We were curious about their thoughts on what all of us in the sector are doing well, and what we can improve upon when it comes to donor engagement.

After all, every development professional wants to inspire donors to increase their levels of support and to move up the donor ladder.

With almost 50,000 nonprofits in Tennessee, many of them in Middle Tennessee, it’s important for nonprofit leaders to equip themselves to engage their supporters. Donors are being solicited by a multitude of agencies annually, and retention rates are less than 46%.

That’s why you’ll want to join us for our breakout session at Bridge to Excellence, “Successful Stewardship: Ensuring Donors Climb the Donor Ladder.” Not only will you learn what local philanthropists are thinking, you’ll leave the session with an outline so that you can create a Donor Retention Plan for your agency.

We’ll see you on May 11!

- Executive Director Pam Brown & Director of Development and Marketing Taylor Cochran

of Insight Counseling Centers


Click here for more information about Bridge to Excellence "The Science of Social Change: How To Fund It and How To Sell It."


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