3 Ways to Make Data Collection Less Terrible

March 15, 2017

3 Ways to Make Data Collection Less Terrible

from Amy Campbell, Jessica Benton, and Hannah Wohltjen of Elevate Consulting:

Look, y’all. We know evaluation can be a challenge. We know that you have all sent countless surveys and questionnaires, only to be left staring at your computer screen wondering where all your responses are. We know that folks see the run-of-the-mill satisfaction survey and hit “delete” faster than you can say “data collection.”

That’s where we come in! In our session, “Creative Engagement: Beyond Questionnaires and Surveys,” we will conduct live demonstrations of three participatory data collection strategies. PhotoVoice allows your program participants to share their unique perspective and experiences through taking and captioning pictures. Dotmocracy can be used to gather collective opinion and move the needle forward in your organization’s decision-making. Poll Everywhere is a great tool for real-time data collection using mobile technology; you can get a quick snapshot of knowledge, attitudes, and perspectives with large groups of staff or participants. These three strategies will allow you to collect quality data in a way that also engages your participants in the process.

In our session, we’ll give you a roadmap for when, where, and how to use the old standby data collection strategies, as well as providing live, interactive demonstrations for these three creative methods. You’ll leave with a better understanding of what tool works best for your situation and resources for making your evaluation more engaging and fun. 


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