Meet the Intern

June 13, 2017

Meet the Intern

by Soteria Reid


Hello, my name is Soteria Reid, and this is definitely your standard opening paragraph to a “Meet Me” blog post! Bear with me, though; I promise not to bore you.

I am a recent graduate of Hume-Fogg High School and will be attending Northwestern University in the fall. I applied to this internship through Opportunity Now, a great program created by the office of Mayor Megan Barry, because the job market is competitive and experience and connections are invaluable. I also did it because thinking about how expensive a private college is going to be was compelling me to do something other than lie in bed all day watching Community (oh, the irony), and simultaneously telling me to do nothing but that (did I really need a degree?). I decided on the former mostly because I am one of those people that has to be doing something, so without further ado, a slightly overdramatic but endearing blogpost about my first week here at CNM!

My first day was the best that it possibly could have been. The amazing Meg Morgan introduced me to everyone, and made me feel very welcome. My only complaint would be that there was neither a banner with my name on it nor massive amounts of confetti, but it was still great.

For the rest of the week, I was quickly submerged into the office culture and jobs I would be doing, which I loved. Unlike most millennials, I do not have a strong social media presence, but tweeting and posting to Facebook came to me so naturally that I had to wonder if I was a fast-learner or if it was written into my genetic code all along. Coupled with that is the freedom to explore an endless number of projects that I can take part in to support CNM’s missions and goals, in which I am brimming with enthusiasm to participate. That is not sarcastic or an overstatement. I am ecstatic and grateful to be here and am looking forward to my next five weeks here as a part of the team! Between the smiling faces, immense learning opportunities, personal office, and endless free coffee – as eloquently stated by a certain red-headed orphan – I think I’m going to like it here.


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