Guest blog post: smartphone tool "muse"

June 20, 2017

Guest blog post: smartphone tool

guest blog post from BKON Connect:


Introducing muse: a smartphone tool for interacting with things around you

People use their smartphones and Google to search for information when they want to know more about something nearby, but now you can provide curated information for visitors to museums, galleries, gardens, aquariums, and zoos.

BKON Connect is a Nashville-based technology company that makes it easy for you to connect anything, anywhere to digital TouchPoints that can only be discovered when people come nearby. With muse, a free, universal smartphone tool, your visitors discover hidden content via digital TouchPoints, which include Physical Web beacons, QR codes, and Near-Field Communication tags.

This is all part of what is known as the internet of things, the network of things and devices connected to the internet. Just as your smartphone can connect to your smart home thermostat to control the temperature, muse can connect to your exhibits through digital TouchPoints.

BKON Connect’s digital TouchPoints are easily placed within your exhibits, artifacts and artwork. muse then displays super-fast previews to delight and enlighten visitors, volunteers, and patrons alike. The experience of browsing those TouchPoints in the real world is like browsing websites on the internet. That’s why we call this magical ability “TouchPoint Browsing.”


Our TouchPoints are drag-and-drop easy to program in our platform. This makes muse your app when people are nearby. Anyone with the technical ability to manage a social media platform can bridge the physical and digital worlds with digital TouchPoints.

Treat your visitors to digital content like videos, audio tours and websites with additional information when they come near your digital TouchPoints. Give attendees at your events access to online schedules, silent auction forms and membership information. muse adapts to see only what’s nearby. When people visit your museum today, they see only your TouchPoints. When they visit a historical site tomorrow and a zoo next week, they see only those TouchPoints.

muse is also flexible enough to differentiate content for different audiences. For example, you can segment audiences by age (children and adult) or role (student and teacher).

TouchPoints are discounted for nonprofits, and our platform includes a free plan. To learn more, call BKON Connect at (866) 797-7101 or visit us at

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