Featured Friday: TN Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence

June 23, 2017

Featured Friday: TN Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence

CNM's Opportunity NOW intern Soteria Reid is starting a new "Featured Friday" series, highlighting the work of one of CNM's member agencies each week. Check out the first with the TN Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence.


(pictured: Stephanie Henry and Sonia Boss)

Mission: The mission of the Coalition is to end domestic and sexual violence in the lives of Tennesseans and to change societal attitudes and institutions that promote and condone violence, through public policy advocacy, education and activities that increase the capacity of programs and communities to address such violence.


For 34 years, the Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence has worked diligently to provide their services to victims and survivors across the state. Before the Coalition was what is now, it used to be two separate organizations, the Tennessee Task Force on Family Violence and the Tennessee Coalition Against Sexual Assault. After they merged, their combined efforts allowed for higher levels of efficiency which manifested in a greater impact made by them on their community.

An example of this synergy is the Domestic Violence State Coordinating Council they helped establish. This council develops model policies and training curriculums for law enforcement agencies that improve the responses of the criminal justice system to domestic and sexual violence. Out of this council has also come 60 programs serving the victims and survivors of these types of violence.

Among the many services provided is an emergency assistance fund that allows them to provide assistance to those who are in dangerous situations. These funds help provide a safe space and essentials such as clothing, groceries, and medical care for those escaping hazardous situations. These funds also help support the survivors in the aftermath. Additionally, they act as liaisons to domestic violence shelters and sexual assault centers for victims and survivors. Finally, their legal clinics exist to provide pro bono legal assistance to those whom the organization serves. There are two clinics; one is exclusively for sexual assault, and the other is for immigration but handles domestic violence and human trafficking instead.

Two wonderful women from the staff, Sonia Boss and Stephanie Henry, volunteered their time to answer a few questions in an interview about their organization. Both women work as lawyers in the legal clinics. Ms. Boss is in the sexual assault clinic, and Ms. Henry is in the immigration clinic. When asked what makes the TN Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence special to them, both women said the following: On an organizational level, Ms. Stephanie Henry stated, “We are part of the program that provides direct services, so we can see the positive impact victims and survivors.” As a statement on the day-to-day interpersonal interactions, Ms. Sonia Boss feels that “the staff is a caring, educated group of women. [The work we do] is really meaningful to each one of us.”

The impact of the Coalition is far-reaching. Each day their programs and services act to rescue persons of all ages and backgrounds from hazardous life predicaments. Their emergency assistance funds, legal clinics, and plethora of programs ensure that their organization is making an amazing impact on the community.

Here at the Center for Nonprofit Management, we are proud to have this organization as a member!


Connect with the TN Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence below.

Website: www.tncoalition.org

Phone: 615.386.9406

Facebook: @tncoaltion

Twitter: @TNCoalition

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