Organizational impact highlighted at CNM's Delta Dental workshops

June 6, 2016

Organizational impact highlighted at CNM's Delta Dental workshops

by CNM Education Intern Kellee Mannix and Communications Manager Meg Morgan

In a unique cross-sector partnership, CNM provided custom training on organizational impact for 40 representatives of Delta Dental's Smile180 Foundation last Thursday and Friday. This is the third year in a row that CNM has partnered with Delta Dental for the two-day session.

CNM consultant Brad Gray kicked off the session by discussing how individual leadership styles affect overall organizational culture.

"Leaders set the cultural values of the group, so your managerial style has huge implications across the organization," Brad said.

With "Effective Communications: Conflict is in the Eye of the Beholder," Erika Burnett (founder and principal trainer of The Burnett Group & Director Organizing Career Leadership with Leadership for Educational Equity) shared information about how to effectively communicate through conflict in the workplace.

"Everyone has a dominant communications style, but leaders need to know how their communciation affects others," Erika said.

CNM Vice President Kim Carpenter Drake also led a session on time and project management. Participants completed an Eisenhower matrix to categorize the types of tasks they accomplish on a daily basis.


Concluding the first day of workshops was Krystal Clark with "Successful Implementation: Transforming Vision into Reality." Krystal, the Associate Director of Greek Life at Vanderbilt University, shared concrete advice for how to turn an imagined vision into actionable steps.

Friday opened with storytelling expert David Hutchens. In "The Storytelling Leader: Creating Engagement, Alignment, and Change Through Narrative," David enhanced participants' awareness of the strategic "core stories" connected to their leadership.

"Stories serve as a vision for your staff and supporters," David said.

David also taught about the four core story types of your organization and work: identity, vision, values, and change and learning.

The final custom session was about change management and led by Brian Williams. Brian led a discussion about embedding sustainability into your organization's culture and the process for leading change. Brian said that times of upheaval can be viewed as opportunities to excite and align people to change.

For more information about customized training from CNM, click here.


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