Storytelling - not just a buzzword

June 18, 2015

Storytelling - not just a buzzword

Consider these methods of sharing information:

A: This study shows that 56% of online donors confirm that compelling storytelling motivates them to take action.

B: "After watching a video of the Humane Society's president explaining the new shelter project, I felt that I understood the need and that I could help. I donated and shared the video with my friends." -donor

Which piece of information are you more likely to remember? Generally, our brains are wired to remember stories over numbers. Check out this infographic from OneSpot about the science of storytelling:

The Science of Storytelling

Learning from great examples of storytelling can help you get ideas. This blog post discusses charity:water's highly successsful campaign that incorporated several types of storytelling components.

Click here for a list of compelling examples, or visit The Storytelling Nonprofit for more.

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