Free round table webinars from City of Light

July 7, 2016

Free round table webinars from City of Light


Webinar opportunity shared by City of Light Consulting in New York:


"It's not easy. In the first few years of founding a nonprofit, you've got a lot to learn. From board leadership to marketing, it's a whole new world. That's why Round Table is here. Each month, we gather online to chat about an issue faced by nonprofits. We learn from each other, from experts in the field, and we're challenged to grow stronger. 

Round Table is a small group meeting with an open agenda, run by the consultants at City of Light Consulting. We will leave each meeting stronger than we came, learning from guest experts from the world of grant writing, branding and marketing, executive coaching, and more. 

Each monthly session is free to attend. Topic suggestions are being taken during the summer via the website. To add yourself to the email list for Round Table, click here."

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