What do your nonprofits need? - Listening session with CEOs

January 19, 2017

What do your nonprofits need? - Listening session with CEOs

What are current trends you see in the sector? What do your nonprofits need to grow stronger, and how can CNM help?

We asked these questions, and more, to nonprofit CEOs at Wednesday’s roundtable listening session. The group of CEOs was diverse – some are one-person operations and others lead large organizations, and some are brand-new in their roles and others seasoned. For CNM, all of these varied perspectives are valuable to us as we enter a strategic planning process.


Nonprofit CEOs sharing ideas and networking


Check out some of the shared thoughts from this session below:

Ideas for new CNM programs/initiatives

  • Technical training for new professionals
    • Basic skills such as Excel, how to execute a direct mail campaign
  • Expanded affinity groups
    • Groups that gather based on budget size, content areas, mentorships for new executive directors, national/statewide organizations
  • Expanded Catalyst consulting model/process consulting
    • Catalysts can make a huge impact in a short amount of time! How could we apply this model to other areas?
  • Database/forum for local needs
    • Ability to ask other nonprofit CEOs recommendations
    • Ability to find vetted part-time/contract employees for tasks like bookkeeping


Ideas for CNM’s direction

  • A powerful voice for the nonprofit sector in the community
    • Build relationships with the private sector to help bring in support for nonprofits
      • Both financial support and in-kind support
      • Engage new out-of-town developers
      • Advocate for nonprofits in local and state politics
  • Thought leader for nonprofit management
  • Engaging Nashville’s new residents and increasing population
    • How can we get them plugged into the nonprofit sector?
  • Sustaining collaborative and collective impact measures
    • How can we look at the big issues facing the community and work on them together
    • Follow up on what has not worked in the past
    • Focus on the “what now?” next steps once partnerships are created


Trends in the local nonprofit sector

  • Interest in community initiatives
    • CNM should continue events such as the Changing Nashville Neighborhoods forum (how gentrification is affecting nonprofits).
    • Need data and information on community trends to present to boards
  • Difficulty finding qualified staff
  • Generational issues
    • We know how the generations are different, but what are the next steps of working together?
  • Innovation vs. growth
    • There’s focus on new things (which is great) but not necessarily the growth that should come with it, so how can we make a dramatic increase in impact?

Want to give your input? Check out this one-question survey here (open to all CNM-member nonprofit professionals - not just CEOs).

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